Best Ways to Protect Your Eyes during the Summer Months

The eyes are one of the essential parts of the human body. Therefore, taking appropriate steps to protect the eyes is imperative. The summer season comes with harmful UV rays that can damage your skin and hair. Additionally, the UV rays also cause catastrophic failure to the eyes. Even though there are multiple chemical treatments to protect your hair and skin from the harmful UV rays, what steps do you need to take to protect your eyes? You’re mistaken if you think sunglasses are enough to safeguard your eyes from UV rays. 

Here are the top 8 ways to protect your eyes during the summer months. 

Choose Sunglasses with Great UV Protection

When your eyes are exposed to UV rays, it will cause photo conjunctivitis or snow blindness. Regular exposure to UV radiation, especially the UVB rays, can also cause pterygium. 

Even though sunglasses come first in mind to protect eyes from UV rays, make sure you choose sunglasses that offer excellent sun protection. If the lens of the sunglasses fails to cover your eyes 100% from both the UVA and UVB rays, then there are high chances that those imperfect sunglasses will cause more damage. Therefore, make sure you determine the ability of the sunglass to block the UB rays. Even if the weather is cloudy, you should not remove your sunglasses. 

Wash Your Hand Frequently and Don’t Ruin Your Eyes

Washing your hands is one of the best healthy habits to protect from COVID-19. This therapeutic practice is also imperative to prevent contracting eye-related problems such as conjunctivitis. The risks of conjunctivitis will increase when you touch or rub your eyes with your dirty hands. 

If you’ve been diagnosed with recent eye surgery, the chances of eye infection will increase. Therefore, it’s recommended that you wash your hands thoroughly before applying any treatments to your eyes. Make sure you avoid eye rubbing as much as possible. 

Wear Hats

This is one of the best ways to protect your eyes during the summer months. Even though people choose sunglasses to protect their eyes from harmful UV rays, they don’t offer complete UV protection to your eyes and eyelids. The sunglasses have a small gap along the sides where the UV rays can expose your eyes. Therefore, if you want complete protection from UV radiation, make sure you choose high-quality sun-protecting hats. The wide-brimmed fedora hats and the Panama hats from the American hats company will undoubtedly help you minimize the risks of eye damage. If you use both hats and sunglasses, you can decrease UV exposure to your eyes. 

If possible, avoid going outside, especially during peak hours. The intensity of the UV rays becomes extreme during this time. 

Protect Your Eyes from Chemicals and Dust

Chemicals, dust, and sand are some of the biggest threats to the eyes. Therefore, you need to protect your eyes during outdoor activities so that you can prevent foreign particles from damaging your eyes. 

Some specific jobs such as yard work or woodworking have higher risks related to corneal injury. Make sure you protect your eyes through goggles or any other protective equipment that will safeguard your eyes and face from possible damages. 

Eat Healthy and Stay Hydrated 

Apart from the carrots, many vegetables, fruits, and foods will help you keep your eye healthy. Some specific fruits and vegetables are rich in nutrients and vitamins to improve your eyesight. Not to mention, they are also effective at preventing long-term eye-related problems. Therefore, make sure you create a proper diet plan. Eat foods and vegetables rich in Vitamin E, Vitamin C, and zinc. 

Additionally, your body will be dehydrated during the summer months due to excess sweating. This can also affect your eyes. Dehydration will cause additional problems in your body. The solution is to drink at least 5 liters of water every day so that you can prevent a negative impact on dehydration on your body. You should also drink coconut water and juices to keep your body hydrated. 

Wear Goggles While Swimming 

Sometimes when you go to the pool, the water feels awful to your eyes. This is because the water is filled with chlorine that can potentially harm your eyes. Hence, if you’re planning to go swimming, make sure you wear goggles so that you can protect your eyes from harmful elements. 

Remember that continuous exposure to chlorine will affect the cornea. Not to mention, it will also damage the protective layer of the cornea that prevents pathogens and irritants from entering your eyes. If the protective layer is affected, you will suffer from various eye injuries. You might also lose eyesight. 

Use Eye Drops

This is another practical tip to protect your eyes during the summer months. If you face discomfort or itching in your eyes, you need to use proper eye drops to minimize the pain. Eye drops will also help you minimize other eye-related problems. The eye drops are significant, especially for someone going through glaucoma surgery recovery.

However, make sure you visit an eye doctor and discuss before applying any eye drops. Eyes are undoubtedly sensitive, and using the wrong eye drops will damage your eyes even more. On the other hand, when you apply perfect eye drops as per the condition and requirement of your eyes, you can undoubtedly notice the benefits. As per Vision Eye Institute, don’t apply eye drops wearing a contact lens. 

Sleep Well

Proper sleep is essential. As per various studies, people should sleep for at least 7 hours to maintain the proper functionality of their bodies. However, if you have a busy schedule, you might face problems fulfilling the proper sleeping cycle. But keep in mind that your eyes need rest so that they can function correctly. 

When you get proper sleep, you will improve your eyesight and reduce stress and other health problems. In the same way, your eyes will be healthy. 


These are the top 8 great ways to protect your eyes during the summer months. Make sure you follow these tips so that you can prevent any eye-related problems. Do you have any other questions? Make sure you comment below to let us know.