Teaching Your Child Perseverance

While most parents would love to have their children excel at everything they try, it isn’t always possible. Sometimes, kiddos have to try things more than a few times before getting the results they want. As much as we may want to ‘fix’ issues for little ones when they are having a hard time, it’s not always the right thing to do. 

Even when you can kiss the pain away, letting your child fail and try again will be more helpful to them in the long run. It ‘s the best method of teaching your child perseverance. It also cultivates within them the possibility of hope and develops their mental strength. 

Here are a few ways to teach your child perseverance:

Get the Point Across

The first step is getting the idea of accomplishment across to them. Identify the means your child uses to set and pursue goals. If, for example, they have been saving up to buy a new toy, talk to them about what they have been doing to meet their goal. Explain how good they will feel after completing a task they worked hard for. Let them know the same principle applies to everything else they do.

Get Them Out of Their Comfort Zone

Encourage your kids to try out new and especially challenging things. They aren’t learning anything if they’re constantly engaging in the same activities, Getting them out of their comfort zone gives kids a chance to see they can achieve any goals they have. As with most skills, perfection takes practice. The belief they are either good or bad at something limits children and discourages them from trying out new things. 

Let Them Find a Passion

Most children may not be passionate about anything. However, you can help them find a passion based on their interests. As they grow older, they are likely to maintain the same interests. Going after a concern they have chosen themselves will give them the motivation they need to persevere.

If you pick an interest for them, they are unlikely to connect with it. They may not be passionate enough to work hard at it and succeed. Gritty people find happiness and meaning in what they do.

Start Small

When defining perseverance for kids, it is important to start with simple lessons and build gradually. Ask them to finish reading a short book or complete a simple project within a specified period. Accomplishing small goals sets the foundation for big goals.  

Reality Checks

Always provide your kids with a reality check. Many children do not understand meeting a goal takes hard work and patience. They may get discouraged as soon as they face a hurdle. If, for example, you have a child that wants to become a great soccer player, let them know they will need to practice often. Help them set realistic goals and establish a strategic plan to meet them. Let them know about the challenges they are likely to face. While you should not make the goal seem impossible, let them understand how serious it is.

Applaud Effort

As your kids start setting goals and achieving them, take every opportunity to compliment their progress. Acknowledging a child’s efforts will encourage them to do more. Success will build perseverance and discipline.

Let Them Experience Frustration

When your kids fail at something they are trying to do, let them live through the frustration and disappointment. Even though parents do not like to see their kids struggle, it is the surest way to build perseverance. Do not let a child quit because they are having a bad time.

In conclusion, teaching your child perseverance allows them to bounce back after failing. It’s a great gift that will get them through many obstacles in life.