Signs You May Need To Upgrade Your Project Management System

If you want to succeed, you need a sound project management system. 

Project management systems are like operating systems for your work. They make it easier to get things done. 

A sound project management system like Hectic™  will help you manage your workload more efficiently, keep track of your progress and stay on top of deadlines.

But if you’re using an old-fashioned system or just not using any kind of software, you may need to upgrade. Here are five signs that your current system is holding you back:

1. No Full Integration Option 

Project management systems are all about integration. If you can’t integrate your project management system with other tools, it’s probably not a full-featured PMS. You should be able to integrate with email and workflows and third-party software like accounting and CRM products.

2. No Collaboration Options

Collaboration is one of the essential features of any PMS because it makes it easier for teams to communicate effectively. You should be able to invite colleagues or clients into your project management system so that they can participate in project planning and execution. 

Sharing files and documents is also essential for collaborating effectively within your organization or with external parties involved in the project’s development process.

3. It Doesn’t Support New Business Processes

You may have inherited a project management system when you joined the company or inherited it from another department. As time goes on, your business may adopt new processes and procedures, but the old system doesn’t reflect those changes. This can confuse users who aren’t sure how to handle a particular situation

The lack of consistency makes it difficult for management to see how well each team is performing against its goals because no one knows what those goals are anymore. 

4. Lacks Day-by-Day Delivery Management

Your PMS should be able to provide detailed information about each task being worked on. This includes start and end dates, estimated time required to complete the job, and other relevant details such as budgeting or resource allocation. If your PMS doesn’t provide this information, it could be time to look into another solution.

5. Doesn’t Offer Different Views for Different Working Styles

One of the most significant advantages of a good PMS is that it allows you to tailor your workflow to suit your needs. Some people prefer a linear approach, while others prefer a more flexible or organic approach. If your current PMS doesn’t offer different views or ways of working, it could hold you back from being as efficient as possible.

The Final Word

Project management is a tough job. You’ve got to keep track of dozens of moving parts and make sure everything comes together at the right time and on budget.

And that’s just for one project. If you’re managing multiple projects at once, it can be even more challenging. At some point, even the best project managers need to look for new tools that can help them get more done in less time. If you’re working with a legacy tool that no longer meets your needs, it’s time to upgrade to Hectic™ PMS.