Instagram VS Facebook

When it comes to choosing a platform to promote your business – it’s Instagram that takes the lead in this competition! And even with a bigger number of users than Instagram, Facebook is still losing this competition. In this article, we will compare each contestant in this competition on the most important metrics to see why Instagram is the leader. 


Since images convert better than text, Instagram shows better engagement than Facebook in many aspects. Facebook is more detail-driven and has always cherished text over other types of content. 

So, due to its easier way of liking posts on the app, straightforward following, and simplified saving of liked posts Instagram shows a better engagement than FB.

But gaining followers and revenue on Instagram takes 24/7 dedication, which isn’t possible for everyone. And luckily there are ways to make the activities on Instagram even more simplistic and less time consuming and the best way to achieve that is to use an Instagram bot follower for your account.

The main benefit to purchasing an Instagram bot follower is the automatic engagement with your audience without your involvement. You can set up the bot to work according to your target audience and goals, and the bot will act in accordance with the settings you choose.

Different Instagram bot follower apps will have various additional features. For instance, some may provide more security and budget-friendly engagement, whereas others focus more on fast growth and offer browser extensions. There are also Instagram bot follower apps that come with the latest mass voting technology and offer genuine followers.


Shoppable feeds, reels, product tags, guides, badges, etc.- All these features make Instagram the best-organized app at this moment. Since FB’s features are super-limited, it is less attractive to brands and entrepreneurs. Even with a low budget, you can have a well-performing online shop on Instagram, which allows people to browse products, explore collections and purchase products without leaving the app. The simplicity of use for shop owners and customers as well enriches the shopping experience and makes it the perfect place to shop for many Instagram users. 

Mobile Friendly

When compared to Facebook, Instagram shows a far better mobile user experience. It’s because Instagram started its journey from a mobile-only platform and it has the mobile user at its heart. That is the reason why it has a more youth-focused target audience.

Best Platform For Giveaways

If you plan to host a contest, then Instagram should be your first choice for promotion. You can make a hashtag for your contests and giveaway and boost your leads and brand awareness.

However, if your brand image is more text-driven and your advertising strategy is more informational, then Facebook will be the better option for your case.

More Youth-focused Audience

Instagram has a more youth following, whereas FB users are more diverse, with a predominant older user base.

So, if the target audience for your business is more youth-focused, then FB alone won’t offer the reach Instagram could. Once again Instagram wins the race.

Integrated Ecommerce

Even though Facebook made many steps toward e-commerce integration, it didn’t gain much revenue and is still viewed as the second option when it comes to selling online. 

Comparatively, throughout the years Instagram showed a more effortless and advanced way of eCommerce, with more sales and revenue.

Better Stories Experience

Since Snapchat’s launch, stories outnumbered regular posts and became immensely popular among the young generation.

Due to this, many other SM apps copied this idea to go hand-in-hand with the trend, and Facebook and Instagram were among them.

But Facebook seemed to force-feed them via Messenger and wasn’t efficient in displaying them at the top of the timeline. Whereas Instagram featured better stories, with high conversion rates, that even outshined Snapchat’s. 


In terms of engagement, campaigns, eCommerce, and youth-focused market requirements, Instagram is clearly the winner. However, this doesn’t mean entrepreneurs should avoid Facebook, on contrary, they should study their target market and leverage both platforms in accordance with their targets. Both platforms are very similar but also different at the same time. And if used in conjunction, you might get the best benefits from both. 

If curation and an older audience are your preference, then Facebook is the best for you. But since Instagram has more unique and updated features, we think Instagram wins the debate overall.