Weakened Immune System Sign

Minding your own health is one of the best things that you can do for yourself. It’s like an investment, remember, your health is wealth. But often times, people tend to forget this. Although it might not be intentional, still, people take health for granted. And this can cause a lot of problems for your overall health condition.

When you don’t pay attention to your health, one of the most apparent things that could happen is the weakening of your immune system. And you do not want this to happen since this is the system that protects you from various diseases, bacteria, and virus. So, if your immune system is in its lowest or weakest state, you are very prone to different types of sicknesses.

Having a weak immune system can mean a lot of things. And certainly, you can easily notice it as your body and physical appearance tend to show the symptoms. And when these became apparent to your everyday living, you must take them as red flags.

So, what are the signs of a weakened immune system?

Continuously Stressed and Worried

Stress is a necessary component of the human body. As it happens, it was originally designed as the body’s flight response to its environment. For instance, if someone is to attack you from afar, your mind and body would easily recognize it. As a result, your body would release complex hormones and chemicals to make you prepare for the upcoming threat or danger. These chemicals include adrenaline, hence, the term – “adrenaline rush”, because stress gives your body enough time to react properly.

However, stress has become a norm these days that even in a non-life-threatening situation, many people tend to stress over unnecessary things. And this has a negative impact on the body.

The truth is – being in a constant stressed and worried state interferes the healthy and natural functions of the immune system. And this results in inflammation, reduction of white blood cells, and recurring infections. So, when you feel that you are always stressed and worried about things, there is already a huge chance that your immune system is weak and not working properly.

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Unintentional Weight Gain

It has been already made known that being overweight has a negative impact on the human body. And this can be the reason for many of one’s diseases and illnesses. But, if you unintentionally gained a few pounds even if you are watching the scale or taking illegal phentermine, this could be a sign that your immune system is not working at its optimal state.

When there is a sudden change in your weight for no reason, this could mean that there’s a problem with your thyroid gland. And having problems with your body only equates to having a weak immune system.

On another hand, being obese is not only an effect on having a weak immune system. In reality, it can also be the cause of having it. When your body houses a lot of adipose tissue, the body releases more cytokines to the fat cells which actually produces chronic inflammation. And keep in mind that when your body is in constant inflammation, your immune system works double or even triple times just to impair its functions which eventually weakens itself.

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In order for your immune system to function properly, it actually needs fuel a.k.a. your energy. So, when your immune system defends your body from unwanted things like bad bacteria and virus, it uses up more of the body’s energy. But a healthy and strong immune system would not need to consume most of your energy since it is strong enough on its own to defend your body from diseases.

Conversely, when you feel tired and fatigued all the time even if you don’t submit to various physical activities, this could mean that your immune system is using up most of your energy to fuel up its own functions. And if this is happening to you right now, it could only mean that your immune system is weak and that it cannot fully fight the virus and infections that are in your body.

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Longer time to heal your wounds

One of the best functions of the immune system is to heal your body, especially your skin. Whether it may be from a simple scratch or scrape, a strong immune system will totally regenerate the skin. Accordingly, when your wounds (no matter how simple or serious they are) take time to heal, then it’s an apparent sign that your immune system is weak.

When you catch a bad wound, the body naturally sends nutrient-rich blood to the wounded part to protect it from further infection and to regenerate new skin cells. And one of the vital components of this process are the healthy immune cells. So, without it, the healing aspect could take time. And this is a direct indication of having a weak immune system.

Emergency Fever

Just like stress, fever is also naturally a good thing. And this is because fever is usually the result that happens when your body is fighting an infection or a disease. However, too much and apparent of these things could mean otherwise.

When you have emergency fevers every now and then, it means that your immune system is fighting so hard just to protect your body and overall system. And when it works too much, it only means that it’s not capable of eliminating the threat in one quick response. So, it only goes to show that it is in its weakened state and you may need to boost it.

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Rashes on Body

Your skin is one of your body’s first line of defense from germs and bacteria. It naturally protects your inner part of the body from various unhealthy conditions. Hence, the way your skin looks and feels simply mirrors how your immune system looks like on the inside.

When you obtain rashes for no reason, it could mean that your immune system is functioning abnormally. It could mean that it can no longer protect you from the germs and bacteria that caused them. Although rashes and other skin problems can be obtained from various factors like environment and your sensitivity to the other components, having them on a recurring basis simply means that you need to strengthen your immune system.

But if your rash cases and skin problems are an isolated problem, then you may want to consult with a specialist about it. This is because there are times that certain skin problems are isolated from the immune system’s functions and state. Even so, it is still best that you learn how to boost your immune system naturally.

Body Ache

Inflammation is one of the things that you do not want when you are boosting your immune system. Remember, if your body is in an inflamed state all the time, your immune system works much more than its usual capability which then results to further weakening of itself.

Now, one of the most obvious signs of inflammation is experiencing body aches. Usually, people experience these in their joints and muscles. This is because when the lining of your joints and some parts of the body is inflamed, the surrounding area of these sections is too tender to touch. They could be swollen and stiff too.

So, when you experience aching in your body for no reason or even if you did not attend to any physical activity the day before, it could mean that there is an inflammation and your immune system quite weak to function properly.

Facing Tummy Problems

If you are having bathroom problems for quite a long time now, whether it may be diarrhea or constipation, then you must know that they are huge indicators that something is wrong in your intestinal tract which can be equated to having a weak immune system.

The intestinal tract or also known as the gut has an important role in this aspect. The gut has essential bacteria that are very much important to the wellbeing, not only of your stomach but of your overall wellbeing. If the bacteria are well-balanced in the gut, it simply means that your immune system is in its optimal state.

On the other hand, when the gut is not functioning well, it simply means that you have a problem with the bacteria that is in it. Accordingly, this is also an indication that your immune system is not doing well.

Apparently, diarrhea, constipation, and other stomach infections are all huge indicators that your immune system is not that strong enough. Also, it could mean that your immunity is no longer capable of protecting you that it already turned into harming your intestinal tract.

Although there are cases that one would experience this occasionally, which is actually normal and fine, recurring incidents of these stomach problems are not really great that you may already need to consult your doctor.

Facing Skin Problems

Similar to having recurring rashes, skin problems are also an indication of having problems with your immune system. Keep in mind that a healthy immune system will definitely show through your skin. It will look hydrated, healthy, and glowing. And certainly, you would notice it.

On the other hand, having a weakened immune system could result in rashes, eczema, and dehydrated or dry skin.

All in all, these are the usual signs that your immune system is weak. And if you are experiencing one or some of these, you may want to start boosting it to repair all the things that need it most. It is important for you to note that having a strong and fully-functional immune system will always protect you from any harmful diseases and illnesses. And the best way to have it is to change your lifestyle and eating habits.