SEO Strategies for Website Redesign

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Your website may not be performing to its fullest potential. You may be required to increase the total number of leads that you are currently receiving. Do you think that your conversion rate is not up to the mark? Are you looking for a boost in the conversion rate? Or maybe your business seems to be rolling out new plans and expanding so you need to pep up your online marketing endeavors. Have you introduced new products/services and are you trying to get them more visibility online? All this calls for website redesigning. A site redesign gives you the golden opportunity of evaluating your online marketing efforts and chalking out an effective action plan accordingly.

  • First of all, begin with a meticulous website evaluation and assessment. A thorough evaluation is a must as that would be helping you to:
  • Define precisely all your online marketing goals & objectives
  • Analyze the shortcomings and gaps in your business objectives and the actual results
  • Determine ways to align your site, its functionality and its content effectively with your business objectives and goals.

You must keep in mind that while redesigning your website quite a lot could go wrong right from change-opposing audience reaction and technical issues to usability issues and loss of traffic. Any of these problems could be crucial and would be seriously impacting the key metrics. Here are a few effective site redesign strategies that would help you attain a higher SERP ranking.

Focus Should Be on SEO

assistance from an expert SEO team during the redesign process. In this context, SEO by lasvegaswebdesignco could be a wonderful choice for reaping the SEO benefits throughout. Focusing on SEO right from the initial stages of the redesign strategy session would be fruitful as you would get quicker results without at all widening the gap between design elements and SEO. You must strike the perfect balance between SEO and UX or user experience for accurately measuring the effectiveness and success of site redesigning.

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Descriptive Links Must Be Used

Marketers and web designers understand the true value of an effective and really good CTA (Call-to-Action). As per the SEO best practice, the verb-noun pairs would be the most effective for users from the perspectives of setting expectations, as well as, tempting the audience into action. Homepage Call-to-Action seems to be a crucial tool for conveying to Google, which content seems to be the most critical and important. So, before littering your page with ‘view details’ and ‘learn more’ links, you need to concentrate on providing more content. For instance, ‘learn about fashion trends’ is really a more descriptive link, as compared to, simply ‘learn more’.

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Links Must Be Reduced

What is being said in your links is important and really matters. Moreover, the exact number of links on a page also matters. Every link present on a page would be reducing the link equity, which could actually be spread across the key pages. This is actually, a pretty challenging situation in an era of super footers and mega-menus when everyone seems to be looking for sharing space on the homepage. The best way of mitigating this issue is by avoiding over linking to unimportant web pages. Combine multiple policy pages into a single page. Lesser links should be demoted and added to the sitemap.

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Responsive Web Design Is the Key

Every web designer and marketer has realized the importance of being mobile-friendly simply because the world has become mobile. Today it is important for you to embrace the RWD as it is preferred by Google and plays a pivotal role in determining your SERP ranking. A responsive website would be adapting itself to the display size of the users to offer a similar experience on their smartphones just like they do on their ultra-wide computer monitor.

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Time to Consider Installing Webmaster Tools

You must install the effective Google Webmaster tools and their Bing counterparts for diagnosing if your present website is being indexed well or not. At the time of redesigning, you must identify the errors and fix them then and there.

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Conclusion :

Always remember that a business website certainly is an important business tool that should be effectively delivering business results. Do not forget that your site’s visual experience is crucial. Moreover, you must include functional improvements in your redesign strategies. These improvements often may not attract attention as new branding or images would do but they are responsible for transforming a good-looking site into a high-impact site.