Glass Window

Most houses of the 21st century are built of glass. Glass as a construction material has become popular and continues to gain popularity across the world. Materials of different types are used in the installation of windows and doors in houses and offices.

House owners have turned to using glass materials for construction pared to the traditional and conventional materials to introduce elegance and comfort within the homes. Interior designers and architects have been forced to adopt the changing trends so that they can satisfy the needs of many homeowners. The availability of advanced software makes it convenient to create glass designs that make the homes look modern.

Having a glass in many parts of the house may, however, have a risk to the owners and the people within the homes. This mostly happens when the wrong type of glass has been used in the construction and accidents happen. When there is damage done to the glass materials around the house, it is always advisable to repair or replace. It all depends with the extent of damage with the more serious one requiring a complete makeover of the glass windows or doors.

What can cause damage to glass window?

Homes that are gifted with glass are constantly in use by the owners and their families. They are therefore subject to human action and also natural factors such as strong winds. Many homeowners fail to understand the actual type of glass that is suitable for their houses during the initial installation. Factors such as the location of a home and the people living within them should be considered during the initial installation. It helps in identifying the type of glass that may be used for the windows or the doors. If you are wondering what the main factors that may lead to glass window damages, here are the most common causes:

Strong winds

Glass is mostly created to withstand external forces up to certain extents. When they are subject to strong forces beyond their elastic limit, they may crack or completely shatter. This mostly happens during seasons when there are strong winds. When windows crack or break, the owners are required to replace them to avoid injuring the people around the immediate environment.

Accidents from human action

Human activities are considered to be primary contributors to glass damages. People within the homes that have glass windows, walls or doors may accidentally break the glass. This would require an immediate replacement so that their safety can be maintained.

How do you know that you need glass replacement window?

Depending on the type of glass used in creating the windows within homes or offices, various features should be checked by homeowners to identify whether the glasses need immediate replacement. Sometimes, the damage may be visible but does not need replacement. Minor cracks may be repaired instead of a complete replacement.

Foggy windows

Double pane windows or insulating windows are made of layers of glass which help to control temperatures within a house. The air in between the glass panels helps to maintain the temperatures by reducing free movement of heat through convection. When such glass starts to be foggy, it is an indication that it needs replacement. Ideally, the formation of fog for such glasses is due to the condensation of water in the space. This way, the glass might not work properly in temperature regulation and a replacement would be necessary. Failure to replace the glass immediately would result in increased obscurity and viewing through the windows would be challenging.


Cracks are the most common damage that is observable on glass windows. Homeowners should be careful to observe the extent of the cracks that are identifiable on the glass windows. Use of tape or special adhesives may repair minor cracks. However, some cracks that are more defined may gradually lead to the glass breaking. A broken glass that is standard quality may end up causing accidental injuries to the people around. To avoid such occurrences glass replacement is recommended. Experts should, however, be included in the analysis of the extent of cracks especially in high rise buildings. Tempered glass is built to withstand damage from external forces. Thus, having small cracks may be an indication of lurking danger and experts should be called in for glass replacement.

Broken glass

When a glass breaks, it shatters into small pieces that are sharp and may be harmful to the people around. Glass that is completely broken should be replaced immediately to maintain the safety of the homeowners and the people using the house. The broken glass could be due to natural or human action. Tempered glass is safer than any other glass in case of breaking. It breaks into small pebble-like pieces which cannot harm the people who get in contact with them.

What to consider when buying glass replacements

Glass replacements may be unplanned especially when the glass shatters accidentally. However, to maintain the elegance and sleekness of a house, it is important always to replace the glass immediately. It is also for the safety of the people around a home. The following are the basic factors that should always be observed when buying glass replacement glass for a window or a door.

The size of the glass

The size of the glass is an important factor that helps the homeowner to order an exact match from the suppliers. The size cannot be assumed when ordering a new glass replacement because it needs to fit perfectly. A homeowner should use their skills to measure the dimensions of the glass that is required perfectly. In most cases when the glass which is to be purchased is complex or custom made, it is recommended that the services of a professional designer or contractor should be sought.

The purpose of the glass

Glass installed on house windows may be used for different purposes. It is the responsibility of the owner to ensure they understand the specification of the glass they need for replacement. For instance, when a glass is used for insulation, some specs are used to ensure the glass performs perfectly when fitted. Such specifications should be well recorded so that the replacement glass will also perform the intended purpose perfectly. Ideally, inviting the contractors who initially fitted the glass could be a good approach. However, if another professional fixer is available, their services could come in handy at such a time.

The shape of the glass

Modern houses are fitted with custom designed glass windows. When they are broken and need replacement, the homeowners should know the actual design before ordering from a supplier. If the glass was initially a custom cut, then a custom designer or cutter needs to be contacted to supply the replacement glass. With simple designs, the replacement glass can be purchased from local stores.

The quality of glass

The quality of the glass should never be compromised during replacement. The original quality should be maintained. This is possible by knowing the specifications of the broken glass.  If the glass is not completely shattered, a professional fixer may be contracted to provide the actual dimensions including the thickness, clarity and the material used. If the quality is compromised, the replacement glass may also interfere with the appearance of the house in terms of its elegance and uniqueness.

How to replace broken glass

Just before replacing the broken glass, there are a few basic things that should be done.

Removing the broken glass

The broken glass may be containing sharp pieces which may be harmful to the handlers. To avoid this, thick gloves should be worn during removal. All the pieces should be completely removed to create room for the replacement glass. A wire brush is an appropriate tool to be used in removing smaller pieces that are left on the window. Some of them may also be pulled out with the hand that is covered in gloves.  You should never risk removing the glass from the window using bare hands as it may result in deep cuts.

Preparing the replacement glass

The replacement glass should be placed in the empty window. The placing should be carefully done so that it fits according to the specifications. When new replacements are wrongly placed, they may break in the future resulting to further losses in the future.

Placing putty

Putty placing should be done using a special knife. This means that the person installing the new glass replacement should be skilled enough to avoid any mistakes. The putty is aimed at reducing any leakages through the window.

Ultimately, homeowners should be observant of the glass materials within their houses. They should identify glasses so that they can replace them. Quick replacements help to reduce injuries and also maintain the beauty of the houses in the long run. The small cracks on glass windows should also not be overlooked as they can turn to be larger problems gradually. Experts should be consulted on the best glass types to use to avoid constant replacements.