Reasons to Put Self Storage to Work for You

While it’s your home, sometimes it feels like the place is too crowded to be comfortable.  There are many reasons for that. There are plenty of articles telling you to just get rid of everything.  However, that’s not workable in many situations. In this article, we will talk about the many reasons to put self storage to work for you and give you a more spacious home environment.  

The In-Laws Move In

Even if it’s just one in-law moving in, your home will be more crowded.  Instead of tripping over boxes and piles, you can start the situation off right by renting a self storage unit. It’s not just for your in-laws, but that’s where they can put everything they will not need on a daily basis. It’s also a place where you and your family can put away belongings that are off-season. This reduces what’s in every closet and makes it more likely that you have enough drawer space for each family member.

College Student Moves Home

Your son or daughter has been away at college or the military. They are grown up, independent, but still need some time living at your house.  You can keep control of the situation by offering them self storage space to put away everything they really don’t need in your house. This may be furniture, sports gear, books, and other items that would take up a lot of space.  They have the code for the storage unit so they can get what they need at any time.

Busy Home Office

If you have a busy home office, you can benefit from self storage in one of two ways — or both!  First, you can clean out the spare room, basement or other area and put all of the extra furniture and decor in a storage unit.  Now you have clear space to make your office. Second, you may have too many supplies, products and/or displays to keep at your house.  You can tuck them away in a storage unit.

Growing Family

From babies to kids to teens, the family offspring need a lot of gear. As they grow out of one set, they need another: clothing, toys, cribs, high chairs, and more.  Yet that doesn’t mean you want to get rid of it.  So, as your family grows, you use a self storage unit as an extension of your home. You keep boxes there that you are saving for a future child or grandchild.  Unlike the attic, you can keep a storage unit relatively organized and even put up shelves. This will make it easy to get what you need, when you need it.

Maintaining Your Investment

If you love antiques of any kind, you know that it helps to have a place where you can store them.  You don’t want to toss out furniture that is potentially valuable. Nor do you want to sell it off for $20 on some trading post website. Instead, you can maintain these types of investments by using self storage. That way your home doesn’t get too crowded, but you don’t have to give up the collection you have been assembling. 

Of course, furniture isn’t the only thing that may need this type of storage.  People utilize storage units for collections of books, record albums, memorabilia, and other valuable items. It’s accessible to the owner, but it is safely tucked away. Compared to a busy home where kids or teens may get into boxes, this is an especially good way to manage a collection without interference from others.

Staging Your Home

Even the best housekeepers find it is easier to stage their home if they can send away furniture and belongings that make the house look cluttered. All of these can be tucked away in a storage unit.  Once the house is sold, you’ll pack up a moving van, drop by and pick up what’s in storage, and move on to a new place.  No doubt, by staging your home, you’ll sell it faster and probably for the price you want.

Maintaining Investments

Too much mess in a home is not honoring the investment you made in the house. However, throwing everything out doesn’t honor the investment made in those different purchases, whether it’s decor, artwork, furniture or something else.

A storage unit lets you pare back without throwing everything out.  As the old saying goes, “you don’t want to throw the baby out with the bathwater.”  

If it’s hard to walk through the home because there is too much furniture, you can put away the excess in a storage unit. This leaves your home more liveable and stylish while also maintaining the investment you put into buying that furniture. 

All in all, self storage gives you the breathing room you need in a home full of people. It’s like getting an extra room without paying a contractor for the privilege.