Social networks today is not just a website where you can communicate, but also a channel through which you can effectively promote your eCommerce. Worldwide search systems provide very narrow borders, and not everyone can fit into them. Social networks can be a great base for getting stable traffic to your site.

How to promote the online store in social networks?

To be able to promote your own online store through social networks, you must register on each of these platforms. Before you create a group or community on the sites, you need to be absolutely clear about their goals, so that you can decide on further actions. In any case, eCommerce should bring profit and increase its customer base. These will be the main goals. When creating a social network of a group or community in order to promote your own online store, you can get customers:

  • who will make the purchase, taking into account the recommendations of other customers;
  • who will immediately buy something in your store just because they liked it;
  • who will become regular customers in your online store (usually they join the group to keep up to date with new products).

And also get a constant flow of customers to the online store from the group or community social network.

In order for visitors to constantly want to look at your site, they need to be interested. For this purpose, regularly post interesting material in your group on a social network. But this is not enough. Information should be designed and submitted in such a way as to gently push the potential client to action.

Variety of social networks: what is your preference?

To promote the online store in the social network, you should choose what kind of social network will suit you. Today, the choice of such sites is very large. In this case, each has its own audience, features, benefits.

Make a profile of a potential buyer, and then decide in which social network of your customers can be the largest number. Customer Prices Suite extension for Magento 2 may help you. Do an analysis of your own products. Perhaps the ideal place to promote your business is Instagram, where you can regularly post beautiful photos of your products. Don’t forget to supplement them with good customer feedback;

Don’t stop at just one social network. If you are sure that you can promote your online store simultaneously in several social networks – do it. Such actions will necessarily lead to an increase in the number of customers and will help to get stable traffic to your site.

Where to start?

Analyze your business: why did you start it, who are your potential customers, and what you do for business development. This will be the first thing to start with. It is the well-designed and objective answers to these questions that can play an important role in further business development planning. The next step is the analysis of competitors’ activities. They always have something to learn: someone will look at and make no such mistakes, and someone will find something interesting and applicable in practice. The analysis of competitors’ activity gives an opportunity to save not only a huge amount of time but also forces and finances.

To begin promoting eCommerce in the social network, it is necessary to carry out a certain number of actions:

  • Create a social network account (page). When you create, you will need to fill in certain forms, entering in different fields this or that information. You need to write something, and you can choose something from the options available;
  • Creating a community. Now you will need to post photos and details, specify who will be the administrator (moderator) of the group, create the necessary topics;
  • Now you can fill the group with the necessary materials. Create albums where you can post photos of your products, upload videos, suggest topics for discussion, etc.

Now the group you create can start working productively, and you only have to reap the benefits of its work.

Specifics of promotion in social networks

Promotion of the online store through social networks has its features, and they need to be paid attention to if you want to get good results. The most important thing is that a personal account and an online store page in a social network have significant differences. You create an account for your own business for one purpose – to sell your products. Therefore, the page of the online store should be conducted in a certain way, the content should be thematic, and the specialist who answers the group questions of visitors should be well acquainted with the subject matter. Selecting content to be placed in the group, you should clearly know what audience it is designed for.

Content for a narrow audience may be limited by focus, subject matter, age or demographics;

With regard to content for a wide audience, there are virtually no restrictions.

Many people think that it is much easier and more profitable to have a wide audience, but this is not the case. Because you have to be very tense in selecting material that can be of interest to different people at the same time. It is much easier to find and create content for a narrow audience, because such people have something in common, and therefore, having picked up the content correctly, the probability that you will affect a greater number of potential customers, much higher. That’s why it’s so important to determine the goals of your business and the range of potential customers.