wireless charger

Going wireless is the new modern lifestyle. Why use a wired charger and keep your phone glued to one corner when you can use a wireless charger and charge your phone freely. The use of a wireless charger is really convenient.

Just keep your phone on top of the charging pad, and the fast charging begins. Wireless chargers have been around for a while; however, they are gaining popularity only now.

You can just purchase a simple wireless charger and use that to charge all your devices and phones that support wireless charging. Let go of the hassle of carrying multiple chargers while going on a trip.

How does a wireless charger work, you ask? Wireless chargers come with coils inside that build an electromagnetic field when current passes through them. When the wireless charger comes in contact with the receiving plate on the device, it creates an electric current within the device. This current gets converted into direct current (DC) and eventually chargers the phone.

When buying the right wireless charger, there are a lot of factors to look into. There is an array of options available today, from the charging speeds to design. You can explore https://www.dfydaily.com/ to find out the latest wireless chargers and decide what’s best for you.

Mentioned below are the few important features to consider while buying a wireless charger.

#1. The standard

The common standard most wireless chargers work on is “Qi.” Most good quality phones such as Apple and Samsung have adopted this standard. The features of overcharge and over-voltage protection in Qi chargers make them a safe choice.

Most phones may become warmer when charged wirelessly; however, that shouldn’t be a concern. These chargers come with temperature control protection feature to avoid overheating of the device.

It is necessary to check the phone’s specifications before choosing a wireless charger.

#2. The Wattage

The wattage( power output) of the charger is the second most important feature to check out out. The wattage range for most wireless chargers is between 5 to 10 watts. Recent iPhones like iPhone X supports 7.5 watts. iPhone at present doesn’t come with a fast-charging feature with wireless chargers. But, there are other devices like Note 8 and 9 that support wireless fast charging.

If you are not sure of your phone’s wattage, then buying a charger with increased wattage won’t harm your device. Good quality wireless chargers have in-built technology to detect the amount of wattage required for a particular device.

#3. The design

Wireless chargers come with two basic designs. One of them is a flat pad that lays flat on a desk or table, and the other is a stand that holds the phone at a semi-upright angle.  Choosing the design will depend on the space you are buying for, the charging station, and your preference.

If you are buying for a desk, then a stand would be better since you won’t need to hover your head for unlocking the phone or checking messages. In case you want for a nightstand, then a flat design would be much better.

These designs can be checked from online websites for better specifications.

#4. The brand

It is not necessary that the brand of the wireless charger and your phone are the same. There are some phone companies, such as Samsung, that manufacture their own wireless chargers. Google uses the technology called AirPower for its wireless chargers.

There are many brands that manufacture wireless chargers, but not all can be trusted. Check out the quality, warranty of the charger before making a purchase.

#5. The connector

The problem with most wireless chargers is that the pads have to be connected to a specific kind of adapter and thereafter to a wall outlet.

There are some companies that manufacture chargers that need to be plugged into weird adapter jacks, while some can be plugged into simple MicroUSB type.

It is always advisable to choose a simple standard connector to avoid any hassle in case you lose or damage the cable.

#6. The wall adapter

Another thing to check out is to see if your wireless charger comes with a wall adapter. If not, then purchase a wall adapter that will provide enough wattage to charge your device at full speed.

A wall adapter that has a lower wattage than the charger will give a power output of its own and not the charger.


Wireless chargers can make your life easier as well as charge your devices faster. They look sleek, smart, and are very convenient to carry around. All types of phones or other devices can be charged using any brand of wireless chargers, but wattage, standard, etc. of the charger should be checked.

Good quality wireless chargers will last long and won’t harm your device. Going wireless will give you a better and hassle-free lifestyle.