BEST FREE Anime Websites to Watch Anime Online

Animes have taken a considerable part of the entertainment industry irrespective of the age category. In childhood, anime was a remarkable passing time for every child; the comic books, the characters are still something we haven’t got over. Still every Marvel and DC movie releases in the theatre, we are so thrilled to enjoy them. However, besides movies, free entertainment containing sites have also digitalized the whole concept of animes and comics for not just reading but also for visual illustration as well to make it more entertaining for the readers. Online reading has also become possible for these free streaming sites. Animes from different countries and categories have been made available online to draw more audiences. 

In this article, we will discuss in brief what is anime and then the 10 best anime websites to enjoy anime online for free, mentioning the features of every site. The article ends with a conclusion followed by a disclaimer. 

What is Anime?

Anime can be defined as a term provided to any form of animated products that has been originated from the Japanese Animation Industry. Some might examine these as the act of over-enthusiasm or fanboying/fangirling over some hyper-violent cartoons and comics. These comic series have very energetic and violent characters (superheroes and super villains); the storylines are often comparatively dark, mature, and violent. Hence, anime does not just attract young minds; it is for different ages as well; even bigger industries like Hollywood and others have influences of these technicalities in their movies as well. It is one of the most popular genres of entertainment that people are slowly getting obsessed with. 

Many online platforms distribute these anime materials for streaming as well as downloading. Some sites provide subscription charges for that; however, some other websites provide these contents for free, without costing a single penny from the user. 

Below is a list of the 10 best free anime sites to enjoy anime contents free online.

10 Best Free Anime Websites to Watch Anime Online for Free-

#1. Crunchyroll-

Crunchyroll is typically an online platform where one can enjoy the animes. Crunchyroll is a legal site that usually provides premium plans to the viewers to enjoy comics online in greater quality. However, users can stream the same quality contents online for free as well, without any subscription or streaming charges- with typically one condition. In the free streaming, this site comes with a lot of ads (approx 3 ads per episode of animes); if one is okay with this interruption, CrunchyRoll is the perfect spot to dig in for entertainment. 

Crunchyroll Features:

  1. In this particular platform up, one can find simulcasted latest episodes of every anime comic.
  2. It requires no sign-up to watch animes as well as drama series for free. 
  3. One can demand/request their animes here if they are not available on this platform.
  4. There is a review bar for the users to write about the animation series they have enjoyed. 
  5. The videos and clippings can be shared on online social media platforms as well. 
  6. Animes from different languages are available here like Dutch, France, Italian and more. 
  7. This site also has an anime blog that is available around the whole world. 
  8. One can find Anime merchandise here as well in their online store

Available Regions: The UK, the USA, India, Philippines, Canada, Australia, and many more. In restricted regions, people can use external VPNs to have access to this site. 

#2. Anime-Planet:

Just like Crunchyroll, Anime-Planet is another platform for comic lovers. Here, the users can read a huge library of Manga comics as well besides enjoying watching free animes online as well. Popular animes like Pokémon, Naruto, Jojo’s Bizarre Adventures, Hikari: Be My Light, and many more. To access this site, the users need to sign up for a ‘no cost’ account and enjoy the unlimited service of this anime site.

Anime-Planet Features:

  1. Here, the comics are available in 8 registered subtitles so that they can entertain more multi-lingual audiences. 
  2. The site provides free streaming in high definition (HD) quality (1080p).
  3. Besides the comics, one can enjoy different news and facts about Manga and other animes here as well. 
  4. This site provides anime recommendations as well. 
  5. One can get top animes trending and streaming in a list on the user interface of this site.  
  6. Besides, there are some other attributes available here as well like discord chart, anime forums, custom lists, and many more. 

Available Regions: The USA, Australia, India, the UK, Philippines, and many other places. 

#3. TUBI TV-

Tubi TV is an amazing free streaming site for not just animes, but also TV shows and movies. The contents are 100 % freely available here; the video quality is also very good. No signing up is required to have access to this anime platform. 

TUBI TV Features:

  1. This site required neither and sign-up; nor any subscription for enjoying contents online. 
  2. It has a very clear and easily accessible user interface. 
  3. The downloading and streaming speed here is high; also the videos are of very high quality (720p).
  4. The design of the interface can very easily let people find the latest clips and episodes of animes as it is regularly updated. 
  5. As there are contents from different ages available here, parental control is strictly required for adult materials. 
  6. There are more than 40000 titles with closed captions available here.
  7. This site is compatible with different devices and systems- Android, iPhones, PC, and more. 

Available Regions: The USA, the UK, India, Mexico, Canada, Australia, and more. To have access to the restricted areas, the user can install a trustworthy external VPN

#4. KissAnime

Well the interface of the Kissanime might not seem to be very much impressive, but it would be foolish to be distracted by that. It is one of the best platforms to look for animes; that’s also for free. 

KissAnime Features:

  1. It has a very easily accessible and user-friendly navigation interface. 
  2. Both old and new animes are available here in good quality.
  3. There is no registration or sign-up required. 
  4. The contents are very clearly categorized into listed categories. 
  5. Original as well as subbed and dubbed versions of comics are available here. 
  6. The contents are organized here according to genres. 
  7. The contents can be found by the initials only as contents in all categories are listed in alphabetical order. 
  8. There is no inappropriate ad or redirects to undesirable sites here to interrupt the flow of entertainment. 
  9. Besides animes, one can search here for interesting movies as well. 
  10. The site daily updated with the latest released episodes of the animes. 

Available Regions: All around the world.

#5. –

The interface is the biggest plus point of this 9anime site; it is sleek and attractive. As the home or the navigation page is very much user-friendly, users choose this site to get a smooth anime experience. Many other complementary features of this site make it one of the most popular anime websites to watch anime online.

9Anime Features:

  1. The interface is quite easy and smooth to handle. 
  2. Also, the navigation of the site is very much comprehensive. 
  3. One can change the filters quickly and according to the animes as well based on year, season, quality, language, and types. 
  4. The contents are available in dubbed languages and with subtitles. 
  5. There are two different modes of interface- light and dark to make it more user-friendly. 
  6. From the oldest to the newest animes to movies to OVAs (Online Video Animations) –everything is available here for free. 
  7. There is an option for the user to request or demand the animes that are not available here. 

Available Regions: the Philippines, the UK, the USA, Canada, Netherland, Singapore, India, Malaysia, and more. For access in the geo-restricted areas, an external VPN is recommended. 

#6. GoGoAnime

GoGoAnime is one of the most used platforms for enjoying anime content by anime lovers. This site comes with some new and old features that make it easily accessible by both the new and old users. 

GoGoAnime Features:

  1. The user interface of the site is very much neat and clean and catchy. 
  2. The contents are arranged in different styles- alphabetically, according to release date/month/year, and popularity. 
  3. One can get the latest animes if a search by the title of any of the other attributes mentioned in the files. 
  4. There is a very active anime community here. 
  5. The site is completely ad-free and provides uninterrupted service. 
  6. One can enjoy an ongoing anime series here with ease. 
  7. There are different genres of content available here- action, horror, romance, kids, games, adults, and many more. 
  8. There is a request bar as well. 
  9. Here, one can search for recently released or dubbed Chinese animation series. 

Available Regions: All the major regions including United States, India, Philippines, United Kingdom, Singapore, and more. Use of an external VPN is advised for a better experience. 

#8. AnimeFreak:

For the ultimate lovers of anime content, this is the perfect place to dig in, commercially. Animefreak interface is not fascinating at all, yet it is one of the best service providers promoting the anime industry. The most important plus point of this site is it mentions the title of the new animes to be released, when, and where. 

AnimeFreak Features:

  • Here one can find authentic information regarding the new release of the contents. 
  • All the contents here are available in high definition and HD quality (1080p).
  • The anime community is very active and interactive here. 
  • There is an online platform for non-stop chatting with the other users as well. 
  • One can choose from different source points. 
  • The supporting browsers of this site are Firefox and Internet Explorer, not Google Chrome.
  • The user can create their favorite anime list here to watch and re-watch.
  • The contents are loaded quickly and without buffering.

Available Regions: All around the world. 

#8. Chia-Anime:

This site walks an extra mile when it comes to satisfying its target audiences. Besides providing the fans with animes to watch; chia-anime also provides them with several read-able anime comics as well. 

Chia-Anime Feature: 

  1. The navigation of the site is very easy and user-friendly. 
  2. The home page is very neatly designed. 
  3. It is the perfect home for the oldest Manga comics that might not be available anywhere else online. 
  4. There are different genres available as well- space, adventure, comedy, and magic. 
  5. One can very easily navigate through the different genres. 
  6. Here, the most exclusive thing is the anime soundtracks that are unavailable on any other online site.
  7. Besides the animes, one can enjoy some latest movies here as well.

Available Regions: Around the whole world. 

#9. AnimeDao –

AnimeDao is another free anime streaming network that is more prone to create a huge army of anime lovers on their website. The facilities they provide are free access, regular updates of contents, and many more. 

AnimeDao Features:

  1. The site has a very clear interface with easy navigation. 
  2. It also imparts a very high loading speed. 
  3. All the exclusive animes are available here first hand. 
  4. Besides originals, there are dubbed and subbed versions of comic here as well. 
  5. The quality of the videos is very high.
  6. The contents are categorized according to the genres alphabetically. 
  7. There are multiple source options, different files of the same title from which the user can choose according to their demand/wish. 
  8. Here, there is a provision of bookmarking the videos the user likes. 
  9. The animated contents can be browsed in alphabetical order. 
  10. There are two available themes here- black and white; rather night and day. 
  11. It provides authentic notification of the upcoming animes.

Available Regions: Different major parts of the world including the USA, the UK, Canada, India, and more. 

#10. Masterani:

Masterani is one of the most underrated free anime entertainment sites. The viewers once who have tasted this site have never left this platform. From animes to movies- this site is famous for satisfying consumers with different genres of entertainment.

Masterani Features:

  1. The site provides a very much user-friendly user interface (UI). 
  2. It is one of the fastest anime streaming and downloading sites for entertainment purposes. 
  3. The user does not need to provide any information of self or need not require to signing up to have proper access to this site. 
  4. As the comment section is active for every file; a new user can get the authentic information regarding the file before choosing to download the content.
  5. Here one can stream the animes as well as movies unlimitedly. 

Available Regions: Worldwide. 

Anime FAQs-

#1. What is an anime website?

Answer: Anime websites are reservoir collections of different verses of animated content like movies (drama, horror, kids, and more), cartoons, and TV shows. Certain sites provide filter the animes by season, year, language, and quality.  

#2. Which is the best place to watch and enjoy animes legally?

Answer: One can enjoy watching anime under legal legislation at CrunchyRoll, Tubi TV, and Anime-Planet.

#3. Where to go to watch uncensored anime content?

Answer: CrunchyRoll, Kissanime, HiDive are two places where one can watch and enjoy uncensored anime content. 

#4. Is 9Anime. legal?

Answer: is not a legal site at all. It illegally streams and lets the user download the unauthorized contents without permission; hence it is indulged in to a punitive act of piracy.

#5. What are the common devices or systems where one can enjoy the animes?

Answer: All available devices like iPhone, PC, Laptop, Tablet, Phone are all anime friendly; just check the site you are surfing are designed for which devices. 

#6. Which one is better- streaming animes online or watching them on TV?

Answer: Of course the former one is way more advantageous than the latter. While streaming animes online, one can enjoy them according to their work and free schedule. On the other hand, TV has their own schedule time to play the animes to watch which; one has to make time according to the schedule. Secondly, TV might stream content according to its censorship rules and regulations; when one stream that same content online from free websites, one can enjoy the uncut version of the whole anime. 

#7. Is there any difference between the subbed/dubbed and the original version of the anime contents?

Answer: Honestly, the essence of the content remains the same. However as dubbed versions are translated into another language; hence the translation might not be word by word, but mostly the meaning remains the same. On the other hand, the subbed items are where the same dialogues are written in some other language as same as that in the original language. Hence, subbed versions are more accurate to the original contents than the dubbed files. 

#8. Is Crunchyroll a free and legal anime platform?

Answer: Crunchyroll is a legal platform to enjoy animes; however, it is available in both free and paid versions. The only difference between the both is that the paid version is ad-free while the free version has the same quality content as prescribed ads. 


Above are the best anime websites to watch and enjoy the anime contents for free and unlimited. For anime lovers, this is a very important piece of information, followed by another important disclaimer.


The anime sites are often indulged in illegal streaming as they mostly stream and provide content without the permission of the creating authorities. Hence, watching or downloading animes for free is a piracy act. This article is created for the sole purpose of imparting knowledge and information to the seekers; we neither promote nor support any kind of illegal piracy services.