Drug Test

THC is a great thing, that can help your health, your state of mind and your overall quality of life. There have been a large number of studies that support the notion of THC being almost a miracle drug. When you care about your health, taking THC in some form or another is often really useful.

Passing drug tests is an unfortunate evil in our society. When you want to get certain kinds of jobs, if you are on probation or just because an employer wants to be annoying, they can drug test you. If you refuse to take the test, there are consequences. If you do not “pass” the test, the consequences can be just as bad.

When Your Health Matters

Some people have traditionally thought that “toking up” was just a thing people did for fun. Granted, plenty of people like to smoke marijuana for fun and comradery. But plenty more people have legitimate medical reasons why THC needs to be a part of their lives. There are other great reasons to use THC, too.

When you use what big pharms tries to push on the world, you experience all kinds of side effects. When a depression medicine says that you might want to kill yourself when you are taking it, that is a serious medical failure. THC does not carry most of these side effects, and its potential issues for your body are very minor. The use of THC is often a part of an overall healthy lifestyle.

Of course, sometimes you need to figure out how to pass a drug test in 24 hours.

When Time is of the Essence

THC is great for your body, but it can sometimes be less than great for your career. As well, your legal prospects if you are a THC user can become less than ideal. In some cases, not being able to pass a drug test can be the difference between being employed and on the outside or being on the inside with few prospects once you get out.

Of course, the idea they are following is that they want to catch you in the act. Instead of using security cameras, that catch people who are doing real crimes, the authorities and employers use drug tests. These tests tend to come up fairly quickly. If you just took a THC product last week, or even worse yesterday, you may only have a day or so to get clean or else.

This is why passing a drug test can be both really important and urgent. When you have to pass quickly, it is important to use the best supplementation you can get, and to already be in reasonably good shape. Since THC is stored in fat cells, having as few fat cells as you can is a solid way to make your detoxing process quicker. From there taking a large amount of liquid like Naturally Kleen herbal tea (as in, a gallon or more) is a potentially helpful solution to this problem.