ink cartridges

If you’ve seen the price difference between original ink and compatible ink, then you’d be mad not to consider using an ink specialist company the next time you need to top up your supply stash!

It’s become an expectation that consumers must get new cartridges for printers directly from the printer manufacturers as these are the best quality most reliable. This may have been true once upon a time, but there is now real competition when it comes to providing high-quality ink. Take a read through some of the common myths and find out what the new realities are that face the ink market today. Know that you can get printer ink cartridges bulk so you can save up some extra cash. Getting them in high amount saves you from future headaches and gives you an opportunity to save money.

The Replacement Ink Myth

When replacement ink cartridges first hit the market, people were initially excited about the prospect of cheap ink. Unfortunately, the ink was unreliable, poor quality and would bleed all over the page, causing a huge mess and leaving consumers unhappy. Sadly, people still believe this is the case and avoid compatible ink products when they needn’t! Many high-quality ink manufacturers take pride in their ink for printer offers and will impress you with the quality of their products.

Why Original Ink is Not Your Friend

The majority of people stick with original ink because they think this is the safest option, but the reality is that you end up paying much more for ink when you don’t need to. The average original printer cartridge has at least 50% less ink than a compatible one. The reason for this is that the original ink supplier can make a huge profit and then also sell XL versions of their ink which is just a full cartridge.

How to Find the Best on the Market

When you decide to take the leap into compatible ink, don’t fall for the suppliers that offer the cheapest ink but sell a lot of different products. You need a supplier that is solely focused on ink and delivering a quality product, the price may not be the lowest, but it will always be cheaper than original ink. Quality ink companies are out there, and they typically offer their services online so that you can order what you need from the comfort of your own home.

An excellent example is the Smart Ink company; they supply ink and make it their mission to ensure quality, speed and excellence. You’ll know if you have found a supplier you can trust when you check out their customer service charter and delivery service as this will tell you if they have confidence in what they are selling or whether they just want to make some fast cash.

It’s clear that original ink is on its way out as consumers demand better quality and prices for their replacements. Ink specialist companies offer more in terms of quality, customer service and delivery than ever before. If you get your ink from a company that impresses you, we are absolutely confident you’ll never look elsewhere ever again.