HP Printer

Have you got a new HP printer? You might be using your old printer just to print assignments, pictures or sometimes just random things. Do you know the new HP printer has some awesome features that allow you to do a lot of fun things with printing? If you’re a creative person and love creating handmade gifts for your family and friends or decorations for your own room, HP printer’s new features will be like heaven for you! You can print a lot of tremendous art pieces looks cool as well as lovely for a birthday present or room decor with the help of HP’s new apps. Let’s find out what all fun things you can do with your HP printer!

Custom cards

Custom cards fit perfectly as an attractive gift.  Everyone loves a little attention and what’s better than a custom card to show your precious people how much you love them. HP has got a new HP cards app that has a lot of card themes which can help you make your own customized cards. Download this app in your phone and design your own cards with pictures and quotes or anything you want to add in them and print them easily from your HP Printer. You can place this card with a small birthday present or make a bundle of custom love cards to gift to your valentine or on your anniversary. You can also make a collage of these cards and decorate one of your room walls.

Social media snapshots

People love sharing pictures on social media like Facebook or Instagram. Downloading and printing these pictures is an easy task, but it ruins the originality of the picture and decreases its quality. The new HP Social Media Snapshots app allows people to download and print pictures from these social media accounts in just the same way they are and even from your gallery in the form of cute snapshots. Just download this app, select your picture and customize it in your favorite snapshot theme and print it using the high-quality HP printer. You can use these snapshots to make a handmade gift, or you can also hang these cute little snapshots in your room to make a collection of memories.

Matted art

Another cool app from HP is the HP Photo Creations app that allows you to create almost any masterpiece, including the matted art. Matted art is a form of framing the pictures in which there is a gap between the picture and the frame. These pictures look cool and are great for gifting as framed wall hangings. If your child loves using the tux paint or any other painting software, you can also print those creations, customize them using the HP Photo Creation app and print using the advanced HP printer. It is perfect for decorating your living room with your child’s creative masterpieces on his or her birthday or just randomly make a memory wall.

Cool calendars

Calendars play a very important role in our lives. They help us in managing our schedule and keeps reminding us of important dates. What if we tell you that you can make your own customized calendar? Yes, it is possible. There are a lot of websites which allows you to design your own calendars. These websites offer an editable calendar feature which comes with a lot of themes to design calendars. These websites also allow users to download and print the calendar. It’s a great use of HP printer, and you can use your favorite background, pictures and even quotes to make your own Calendar 2020 printable to hang in your own room or to gift any of your friends who need help with scheduling!

If you can also use the HP printer in some other creative ways, do let us know in the comments section below!