Organizing a Poolside Family get-together

Organizing a family pool party is super fun, but it is also super hectic.

However, in places like Australia and New Zealand, the humidity can be as high as 85%, so a pool get-together is an ideal pastime.

But how will you make sure that your party is a raging success? Just follow the tips given here.

#1. Send some cool invitations

First things first, you need to plan out the pool party properly. Make a list of all the people you wish to invite and send them a pool-themed e-invite.

Next, check the kind of equipment you need or the general theme of the party. For example, a luau can be fun, but you can also go with a tropical paradise theme.

Once you have the proper vision in mind, it can be much easier to plan the get-together. Even if your pool party has no specific theme, make sure the invites are vibrant and fun!

#2. Find a pool near you

If you have your very own pool in your backyard or garden, then there’s nothing to worry about!

But even if you don’t, you can always organize a great get-together at a classy location. You can either contact a friend or a relative who might be willing to lend you their pool for the day or visit a community pool.

There might be a small fee to pay for the community pool, but if all your family members are willing to chip in, it’ll cost almost nothing! If there’s no community pool nearby, look up fancy hotels with pools.

#3. Buy decorations

For the decorations, again, you can use things already present in your home or go for handcrafted homewares Australia, such as the ones from Hommey.

Remember, decorations are crucial for setting the tone for any pool party, so you can’t afford to mess up there!

One rule of thumb is to use vibrant colors, especially if the party is during the day. If you have it in the evening, make sure to light up the place well. Use tiki torches, beach balls, floating pads, and toy flamingos.

#4. Prepare food and drinks

In the summer, it’s very important to keep yourself (and your guests) hydrated with nourishing drinks.

You can opt for some healthy pool-themed smoothies and juices or have a small bar by the poolside. To keep things super simple, all you need to do is prepare some coolers with beer bottles inside!

But if you wish to vamp up the party a little more, you can mix up some cool cocktails like a summer pina colada. For snacks, go for potato rings, chips, salsa, or some margarita pizza.

#5. Play fun games

No pool get-together can truly be complete without games and fun! And if you have kids in the family, playing some games is a must.

Organize games like Marco Polo, sharks, minnows, or volleyball. You can also provide inflatable toys for small kids, such as flamingo rings or rubber ducks.

For the ultimate party fun, buy some squirt guns and start a water squirt game with each other! Be sure to have some peppy music in the background, especially songs that feature beaches.

#6. Buy matching accessories

Another great idea can also be to match outfits and accessories.

For example, if someone in your family is getting married, you can organize a great bridal shower or bachelor party but ask everyone to wear a specific color. Beach towels, sunglasses, coverups, and flip-flops are some great choices.

If you’re willing to spend a little extra money, you can order custom beach towels or beach floats with the family name. This gesture is especially thoughtful for party favors.


Lastly, don’t forget to preserve all your fun memories by clicking innumerable pictures! For the ideal experience, purchase a waterproof camera that lasts for a long time.

If you want to experience the fun a little more, have a Handycam or video camera. Ask the kids to pose in a funny way or simply click away candids!

Later, you can print the pictures out and paste them on a family album. Then, make this pool get-together a monthly or yearly ritual to double the fun!