Rolex Sky Dweller

Rolex, the brand of watch that represents high tradition, top elegance, and creative craftsmanship for a long time. This brand of watches has always presented you with the best in the lot and they are continuously innovating new technology to impress their loyal customers. They are the watchmakers having the most number of the patent under their belt and still working on filing new. The Rolex watches have always tested to the extremes but nothing has stopped them from standing in the top slot. Every new design that Rolex watches release will have much unique and innovative technical stuff embedded.

Sophisticated Design

Rolex Sky Dweller is one such unique and sophisticated design that was released in the year 2012. This model took the whole watch industry into a storm as it has around 14 patents for its unique technology. It was the closest buddy for the travelers as the watch can help them in tracking time of different place just at a glance. The success of this watch was because of its classy design, unmatchable use of technology and the user-friendliness. Globally, experts considered this design as the masterpiece.

Today man with a Rolex watch on his wrist is considered the leader of his game and is treated with great respect, such as the brand value of the Rolex. They were the first watchmakers who introduced the Sapphire Crystal that made the watches scratch resistant. Rolex Sky dweller is a 42mm watch that comes in five variants of dials surrounded by Oyster steel which is coated with 18k white gold, yellow gold or even rose gold. This design is also available in two tones or with a leather strap to give you an elegant look. It has all the latest functions like annual calendar, second-time-zone, GMT, and chronometer.

Sophisticated Design of Rolex Sky DwellerQuality at its Best

The Rolex Sky Dweller model is the combination of strength, elegance, and reliability. You can feel the true signature of the Rolex brand after wearing this watch on your wrist. The dial of this watch has so many functions but it clearly distinguishes every function so well that it becomes very easy to use and understand. The index hour markers are now in rectangular shape to enhance the look of the dial that is credited with a Chroma light display. This display is considered to have highly durable luminescence. You will definitely witness people looking at your watch with amazement and envy.

Unmatched Functions

One of the best parts of this watch is the use of mechanical movement that is completely developed by Rolex. It is called caliber 9001, a mechanical movement which is considered one of the most complexes and is covered by seven patents. Rolex Sky-Dweller displays dual time zones simultaneously but without causing any kind of ambiguity. It has a traditional center hour, minute and seconds marker that is used to show you the local time. It is very easy to adjust the time and without affecting any other time zone, minute and the second marker, the hour marker can be adjusted both forward and backward. The mechanism is so unique that while adjusting the time, the watch is not stopped assuring you to show the precise time.

At the center of the dial, there is a disc that shows 24-hour display which is actually the second time zone. The 24-hour display is cleverly used to wipe out the confusion that may arise while referring to two time zones at a time. There is an inverted red triangle on the top which is fixed and shows the time reference selected by the wearer. The calendar of the watch always shows the date as per the local time zone.