Mobile App Development

Mobile apps are something that we all have already used to. They continue to be an in-demand technology among users. Moreover, they change the way many businesses operate. If to believe the statistics data, we can see that by 2022, annual mobile application downloads will be 258 billion. This number will become even bigger! So we can say that the need for modern businesses to invest in the development of mobile applications is growing. By the way, here you can find the best mobile app development agency that will definitely meet the needs of your business.

In this insightful review, we’ll have a look at the main trends for mobile app development in the upcoming year. So get comfortable and have a look!

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

You know that modern users are too demanding today. All of them require personalized app experiences. So to achieve that goal, the development companies will start using AI technologies that can make mobile apps more personalized.

The main goal of AI and machine learning is to let the app monitor the users’ online activities and make some actions without being told to do this. Voice-enabled applications are gradually becoming more efficient. Their main goal is to allow users to use their natural language, making it easier to accomplish some assignments.

5G Technology

The development of 5G networks will definitely influence the way how people use mobile apps. 5G networks will open the door to a new data-intensive environment that will conduce to the development of new markets for modern developers.

The main goal of 5G networks is to make mobile connectivity faster and stronger. Moreover, they can speed up data-sharing up to 10 times! By the way, this is faster than wireless technology. As a result, many companies will be able to automate a variety of core processes that previously took more time to complete them.

Cloud-Based Applications

Could you imagine a user who has never heard about the cloud-based technology? It’s impossible! Besides, it has already influenced the mobile app development market too. Modern apps can easily store big amounts of data in cyberspace. As a result, they don’t depend on storage space on physical devices.

When the application’s data is stored in the cloud, a user can access the data at any moment and can use the app without the necessity to install it. The main benefit of cloud-based applications is that they can improve productivity and make the development process easier. So we can see that the popularity of cloud-platform based apps will be gradually growing!

Internet of Things and Its Integration with Mobile Devices

Though IoT is not a relatively new technology, you probably know that its fundamentals are familiar in the area of mobile app development. Due to its broad selection of features, we can surely say that it’s a future trend.

With the help of this technology, people can easily control the non-IT equipment via remote apps. It’s very convenient and has already become a part of human life. By 2020, the total number of IoT devices will be more than 20 billion.

No-Code Development

Today, we can see the tendency that many software development businesses lack some resources that are necessary for developing mobile products in-house. That’s where the use of low-code/no-code solutions might come in handy.

The main benefit of low-code development is the thing that the need for in-house staff is not needed. To put it simply, no-code development doesn’t require coding knowledge. The use of these platforms is very easy; a user just needs to drag and drop some visual elements to assemble the application.

All this doesn’t meet that traditional coding will become obsolete. But this trend will be more popular in 2020, especially in cases, where budgets are too limited.

Augmented/Virtual Reality

Augmented reality had hit the market a few years ago. But in current times, this technology has already been integrated into a variety of apps for gaming industries. The main goal of VR/AI technologies is to provide users with more immersive user experience. In other words, a person jumps into a fascinating world of this particular game and enjoys the gameplay. As a result, a user is more engaged and will spend more money playing this game. Moreover, he or she will definitely recommend it to others.

However, this trend also has lots of benefits for education and healthcare industries

Wearable Devices

They aren’t new to the marker but this trend will be more popular in 2020. If to believe the research that was made by Business Insider, we can see a staggering revenue of $33 billion that was achieved by wearable devices last year.

The wearable device market has a very huge potential and that’s why modern mobile apps should be compatible with this technology.

So what are the wearables trends in 2020?

  • The popularity of fitness trackers;
  • Less dependence on mobile devices.

All in all, we can say that the app industry will continue to expand at a very fast pace. Moreover, the competition between mobile app developers will also be more intense in 2020. That’s why it is of prime importance for developers to understand all these trends before they start working on their projects.