Sliding Glass Door

When you have bought moving glass walls or sliding glass doors for your home, you need to know how to keep them clean. Plus, you need to know how to keep these doors and tracks as smooth as possible. There are a few tips that ensure that you can keep your luxury sliding doors and sliding glass walls in good condition. You are adding value to your home by installing these doors or walls, and you must maintain them to ensure you retain that value on the future.

What Do You Need To Clean Your Sliding Glass Doors?

You need a standard glass cleaner for your windows, but you should use a soft sham to ensure that the windows are not scratched when you are cleaning them. Also, you must make sure to clean the inside and outside of the glass. When you are cleaning both sides of the door, you will ensure that any dirt or debris cannot drag across the surface and cause scratches.

How Do You Prevent Scratches?

You could hang curtains that can be pulled back every day to reveal the view you get through these doors. Plus, you could leave these doors or walls open as often as possible. You want to keep the doors out of the way of people who visit the house, and opening the walls protects them from damage. Plus, diligent cleaning ensures that you do not see any random scratches from dirt and debris.

How Do You Keep The Tracks Smooth?

The tracks on your doors or walls must be kept clean and greased. You need to keep the floors as clean as possible because debris will slide into the tracks. When you have debris in the tracks, the doors/walls will not open and close properly. Plus, the tracks could be damaged by debris that gets stuck. You could bend the tracks, damage the doors, or bend the tongues that fit into the tracks. You may not even notice that the doors or walls are damaged. However, they will not slide properly.

You can use a simple grease spray to keep the tracks smooth, and you can clean the tracks once a week to make sure that debris has not fallen in. Plus, you may want to schedule a semi-annual service appointment to keep your doors and walls in the best position condition.

How Much Does It Cost To Maintain These Doors Every Year?

You should ask the installation company how much it costs to schedule a service appointment once or twice a year. When the service technician comes to the house, they inspect the doors, inspect the tracks, and repair any small problems that they find. Plus, the service technician can clean the track for you to ensure the doors are sliding properly.

The service technician will clean the glass for you, and they can even sell you cleaning products you need for the glass. You can ask the technician for advice, and they might explain how to avoid damage or scratches in the future. They can even replace your maintenance manual for sliding glass doors.


Adding sliding glass doors or walls to your home will help you get the best view out of your living room or bedroom. Plus, you need to know how to service and clean these doors. These glass walls are designed to slide on a track, and you must keep the track clean, grease the track, and keep the glass clean. You can turn to a technician for service and the technician will show you how to keep the doors in perfect condition.