5 Landscaping Tips That Will Increase Your Property's Value

Redesigning your garden or crafting an elegantly looking garden creates a paradise where you can sit, relax, and connect with nature in a beautiful way. But there is more! Landscaping your garden can increase the value of your property in thousands worth of dollars. A well-groomed garden increases curb appeal, draws homebuyers, and create an impression of a perfect place to raise a happy family.

So, I thought what could it more interesting than putting together an article with landscaping tips that will increase the value of your property? I bet this article will inspire you and provide insights on how you can landscape your garden for a greater curb appeal. Ready? Here are the tips.

How Landscaping Increases Your Property’s Value

Landscaping requires a good design strategy that will blend well with your home or any other property. Establishing the right landscaping design fit for your home or commercial building and striking the balance is the secret to crafting an elegantly looking property with great value.

The aim is to create a beautiful garden but not overdoing it. However how exciting landscaping can be, you should take care not to be carried away. If you own a modern home use modern designs such as having flower beds and lots of greenery with less of formal-looking designs.

You might want also to increase different plant diversity without necessarily overpopulating your garden with different species. Include both shrubs and perennials plants planted in an orderly manner.

And how do you keep your plants looking lavish and green all year round? If you have a busy lifestyle that may leave you with less time to water your plants every day, you can use a soaker hose to control the amount of water you give to your plants throughout the day. This special type of hose is designed to help you save water while appropriately irrigating your plants.

Edge The Sides And Mow Your Lawn

The quickest landscaping tip that you can use to significantly improve the curb appeal of your property is by mowing the lawn and thereafter edging the sides to give it a stylish finish. When a lawn has well-edged sides it adds a touch of class and sophistication. This creates an impression of luxury and as a result adding value to your property. Use an electric lawn mower to trim the grass, a weed eater to remove weeds at the edges without damaging other plants, and to edge the sides (the most competent weed eaters will provide edging features).

How do you lawn your grass? You should clip your grass knowledgeably to achieve that lavish look. Over clipping or under clipping your grass may not bring the desired beautiful look. Most of the electric lawn mowers are set to clip your grass by not more than a third of your grass blade. You should also leave the clipped grass on the lawn as they are rich in nitrogen so as to have a greener and healthier regrowth of your lawn. This will also reduce the need to add fertilizer to your lawn by 25%.

Plants Can Help You Achieve Some Level of Privacy And Reduce Noise

A home that provides privacy and has a serene atmosphere sells more in value than a home that has no plants or a barrier surrounding the compound. If you are wondering how to deal with snoopy neighbours or noise coming from the streets, then here comes a solution. Plant broadleaf plants that are evergreen throughout the year all around your compound. Plants such as hollies or juniper are desirable because they grow to ground level and have thick and solid branches that intertwine all the way to the ground level.

If you have a small garden, use columnar shrubs that have small needles that can be trimmed with ease. On the contrary, if you own a large garden then it would be appropriate to use large evergreen plants that are fast growing.

Remember to keep the trees always tidy by trimming branches that are overgrown. Use a pole saw to trim hard-to-reach branches. What’s wrong with my regular chainsaw and a ladder, you ask? Pruning at home requires that you utilize proper tools that will allow you to cut branches while standing on the ground.

Add Color With Flowers That Bloom Throughout The Year

You should be creative when it comes to planting flowers that would add that beautiful look to your home. Plants various types of flowers, some that will bloom during spring and some that will bloom during summer. This is to take care of all the home buyers who may show up, be it in spring or summer they will always find your home splendid and full of color.

Your entranceway should have flowers with clipped topiary as well as potted flowers strategically positioned in your garden. Achieving that seasonal balance helps to tap the imagination of home buyers and is a strong motivating factor towards making a home purchase.

Mulching and Weeding

A well-groomed garden free of weeds makes your garden look tidy, well kept, and of course low maintenance. Once you have removed weeds you should mulch in order to prevent further weed growth and prevent loss of moisture from the soil.

If you want to make your garden even more attractive and look well maintained, you should use mulch such as forest pines or pine parks rather than sugarcane or Lucerne so as to give a tidier look. Creating such a finish will certainly improve your curb appeal.


If owning a lavish garden that is well-landscaped to add value and beauty excites you and it does to me, then I know you have already booked-marked this page.

Who wouldn’t love to sit and relax in a garden that blooms all year round or sip a cup of tea under the cool shade and much-needed privacy provided by the well-trimmed green fence? I know we do.

Even more exciting to me is when I share one more tip with you on how to landscape your garden not only to enhance the beauty but also increase its value by several dollars.

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Author Bio: Alex is a firewood cutting fan and a chainsaw expert. He owns a ranch in Montana where he lives with his wife and son. He is a tech cowboy who enjoys writing his blog ElectroSawHQ.com.