With its magnificent scenery, vibrant cities and welcoming ambiance, Canada is a wondrous country that should on your travel bucket list. From the awe-inspiring Canadian Rockies to Toronto’s cosmopolitan streets, the Great White North features a diverse range of destinations for adventure. And to help you plan the perfect getaway here, we’ve listed down the top places to visit in Canada.


With so many outdoorsy things to do in Vancouver, it’s easy to see why many have fallen in love with this city. Here, you’ll get a chance to experience a mishmash of outdoor activities, including swimming at Kitsilano Beach, Grouse Mountain skiing and strolling through Stanley Park. As an added bonus, the city offers a plethora of cultural attractions, such as outdoor markets and museums. And, did we mention that the city has a flourishing food scene?

Jasper National Park

Speaking of the outdoors, you’ll love Jasper National Park. Known as the biggest national park in the Canadian Rockies, this sprawling destination is ripe for adventurous explorations. And, of course, there’s no shortage of outdoor activities in Jasper National Park. For one, you can hike through Maligne Canyon, and be enthralled by its breathtaking views. Additionally, you may go whitewater rafting on Athabasca River, savor bird’s eye view from the Jasper SkyTram and snap photographs of Spirit Island. To top it all off, there are over 50 amazing species of mammals that live at this national park.


Want to see something really spectacular? Then, make sure to include Banff to your list of places to visit in Canada. Trust me, Banff is a slice of heaven on earth. Praised for a surreal natural backdrop, this small mountain town wows its visitors with its insanely gorgeous landscapes and thermal hot springs. And, with over a thousand miles of hiking trails, untouched lakes and skiing opportunities in winter, Banff is truly an outdoor enthusiast’s paradise.

Niagara Falls

No list of the best and most beautiful places to visit in Canada is complete without the inclusion of Niagara Falls. After all, it is often viewed as the world’s greatest natural wonder. The moment you see the humongous the river rumbling toward the 188-foot Niagara Waterfalls at 30 miles per hour, you’ll know why it’s so beloved and celebrated. But, there’s so much more to Niagara than its iconic waterfalls. As you explore Niagara, you’ll find an array of other things to experience and enjoy, such as casinos, wineries, parks, and museums.

Quebec City

Dreaming to visiting Europe, but don’t have enough cash to pull it off?  Why not pay a visit to the city of Quebec instead? Offering a taste of Europe in Canada, Quebec impresses visitors with its historic 18th-century buildings dotting the UNESCO World Heritage site known as Old Quebec. Even better, the aromas of brewing espressos and freshly baked bread fill the cobblestone streets of Quebec with the essence of Paris, France.


There’s more to this cosmopolitan city than its stunning skyline. Colorful and wonderfully diverse, Toronto is deemed as one of the world’s most culturally diverse cities, with over half of its population born outside of Canada’s largest city. Toronto is home to about 190 ethnic groups speaking more than 130 different languages, making this Ontario city a world on its own. With Chinatown, Koreatown, Little Italy, and Greentown all within limits, travelers will feel like they’ve visited a few countries after their getaway in Toronto.


There’s something for everyone in Canada’s capital. Places like Gatineau Park and Rideau Canal are perfect for those who enjoy the outdoors. Meanwhile, history buffs can’t pass up the chance to see cultural attractions like Parliament Hill, the Canadian War Museum and Notre-Dame Cathedral Basilica. For foodies, don’t forget to check out the Byward Market.


Defined by its bustling waterfront and rich maritime history, Halifax is a nirvana for foodies and history buffs alike. Embark on the Lobster Trail or Chowder Trail for a taste of the mouthwatering seafood in Nova Scotia. Afterward, discover Halifax’s important role in recovering some of the artifacts from the legendary Titanic by visiting the Maritime Museum of the Atlantic.

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