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In short, World of Mazes- Episode 1 (Chapters 1 & 2), a game developed and published by RiseAngle, Inc. is a unique interactive experience that combines puzzle solving, exploration and RPG elements. The result of which conjures up an atmospheric and immersive maze-crawler dripping with atmosphere. With 5 hours of lifespan, World of Mazes makes good use of its eerie soundscapes and ambient compositions. Both of which instill a sense of mystery, mood, and intrigue.

What’s more, the surreal, spiritual nature of the maze world, with its hidden lore and cryptic clues corral you to see what lurks around the next corner. Once you step foot into the enchanting realms within, you’ll have no choice but to see the game through to its conclusion.

Before we delve into the game-play, let’s touch on the story. Players take control of a nameless protagonist, tasked with saving Princess Maya from the Evil Kilo. To make matters worse, the vile lord has scattered traps and monsters across the lands in an attempt to prevent her rescue. On your quest to put a stop to Kilo’s evil wrongdoings, Gelayon, a loyal servant of the queen offers up helpful hints and tips.

Mainly though, his role is to guide you from one realm to another. Puzzle games tend to have a strong plot. And the inclusion of a fixed narrative in World of Mazes acts as a welcome addition.

Sure, there’s not much in the way of cinematic depth, but the game uses the environment as a conduit through which to tell the story. Better still, the humorous dialogue and quirky characters create a fun experience. Mainly, this helps to lighten the somewhat sinister moods and dark undertones which play out behind the scenes.

One gripe I do have with World of Mazes is that the lead role lacks a voice. However, this is a role-playing game, and a voice could break the illusion of reality and choice. It’s not destructive by any stretch, but it did hinder the game to a degree. At least in my opinion.

Next up we have the game-play. Primarily, the end goal is to make it through each maze. Players navigate each labyrinthian maze via an arrow, which acts as a compass and gives a sense of direction. Additionally, players can interact with objects, and collect loot and treasure from chests. On that note, players can store and combine collectibles from the inventory screen. Thankfully, the slick and ergonomic UI allows for easy item management.

Moreover, the streamlined system mechanics allow for a free-flowing, stress less experience. The beauty here lies in its simplicity. Hence, no finicky controls, lengthy tutorials or limiting factors. No, just a pickup and play mentality. Theoretically, this is the way action-adventures are meant to be.

Initially, World of Mazes starts slow, with fetch and carry portions, as you acclimatize to each maze. Gradually though, the game moves beyond these mundane tasks of item acquisition to employ more significant challenge. From now on, items will need to be combined or transformed in inventive ways. Thus, the game forces you to think on your feet, and grants a feeling of satisfaction upon completion.

Graphically, World of Mazes utilizes vivid color to complement the nature of its high fantasy themes beautifully. Of course, the visuals are relatively primitive concerning detail. But the overall level design is good, While the character models are polished. If not a little basic by comparison to today’s lofty standards.

All in all, World of Mazes is an excessively fun and highly interactive adventure that benefits from a sense of mystery and wonder. What’s more, the smooth transitional systems create a seamless experience that generates high levels of immersion. On the contrary, those who enjoy fast-paced games will struggle with its pace. While that may be true, fans of interactive adventure games will garner great joy from this perplexing puzzler.

World of Mazes has been ranked as the number Oculus Go Game for 2019 by Salty Truth, a website for VR game reviews. What did you think of World of Mazes? Have your say below. Your opinions matter to us.