How Will You Know Your Rolex is Authentic

Rolex is a household name in watch manufacturing and is associated with beauty and class. However, its reputation brings some downfalls; for instance, you can more easily find a fake Rolex in the market than any other watch type. The presence of fake Rolex watches persists even when the original watches are top-notch and classic. It might be hard to distinguish a genuine Rolex from a fake one. Therefore, it could be wise to seek advice about Rolex authentication in Singapore. You may check this site to educate you about distinguishing fake phones from original ones. So is your Rolex genuine? These tips help distinguish between fake and real Rolex whenever you want to purchase the accessory.

Place It near Your Ear

If your work is working properly, it will have a ticking sound as it is fitted with an automatic movement. Watch ticking shows the presence of quartz movement, a Rolex watch that does not tick is fake.

Check the Case

Rolex has a smooth metal case back, which is a typical feature for vintage watches. However, if the case back is clear, the watch would be a replica. The manufacturer believes in a refined, polished look that gives it a distinct appearance. They do not use see-through glass like other manufacturers in the case back.

Examine the Crafted Crown Etching

Fake Rolex watches do not have craftsmanship similar to the original Rolex, and this is an effective way of determining if the Rolex is genuine. Real Rolex made from 2002 onwards has a small crown-etching at the 6 o’clock position and the distinct crown-etching and exclusiveness for the wearer. The etching is too tiny and is hard to sport immediately, and you might need to examine it effectively. You will use a magnifying glass to spot it; thus, examining the watch under the magnifying glass would be wise.

Watch the Second Hand

Rolex watches are precise and perfect; thus, the second hand will function properly. A genuine Rolex’s second-hand does not behave jerky, as the company guarantees maximum inclusion of the mechanical parts. Rolex does not make quartz watches, and a jerky second hand indicates the watch uses a quartz-based mechanical movement.

Check the Cyclops Quality

Your Rolex will have a date display, and you can use a magnifying glass to enlarge the display. The cyclops is the magnifying portion, and Rolex uses high-quality topmost quality material for every part of the watch. The cyclops have a polished smooth, and if it seems otherwise, then the watch is counterfeit.

Examine the Engraved Rolex Serial

Rolex watches have unique serial numbers, and you should countercheck the engraved serial number. No charlatan can copy the engraved serial number the way Rolex works on their watches. An etched serial number is a sign of a fake Rolex product. Again, the texts on the watch face should meet the standards.

The Bottom Line

It is challenging to distinguish between a fake and original Rolex watch, especially for a first-time buyer. However, you should watch out for engraved serial numbers, cyclops quality, and second-hand movement. A poorly crafted etching, poorly manufactured case back, and lack of ticking sound when placing the watch near your ear are signs of a counterfeit phone. Good luck finding a genuine watch.