How to Prepare for an RV Auction

It could be challenging to sell your RV after owning it for years and years. However, it must be done. Whether you need extra cash or have an eye on an upgraded model, act upon the following suggestions for a quick and successful sale. We wish you the best. 

Advertise Properly

Assuming you have decided to sell your RV at the RV auction sale. In that case, a small for sale sign will not be enough to capture the buyer’s attention. The auction market is enormous, and so is the number of buyers. You must think outside the box to invite the buyers to your spot.

Advertising helps bring in even non-interested buyers to pay attention. Therefore, present the RV to the potential buyers without being deceptive. Remember to not hide anything and answer all the questions truthfully. Any deceptions will come out later after the sale goes through, so present everything truthfully.

Be Truthful

You could be trying to be deceptive without even realizing it. Therefore, upload or print realistic pictures of the RV. Refrain from using editing softwares. As an owner, do not attempt to hide any loose parts or mechanical junk under the rig. Also, remember to clean your RV before presenting it to the public if you wish for them to be slightly interested in it.

As asked by the potential buyer, open the compartment slabs and basement doors. Use the opportunity to showcase the clean interior of the bedroom or the bathroom. You may also want to fill in any crack on the floor or roof. Just a thought!

RV valuation

You may want to sell it for a profit, and your intentions are well-justified. However, the sale price you propose must be realistic. Remember, the participants in the auction are browsing the options because they are on a limited budget. Therefore, refrain from presenting an over-priced RV.

On the other extreme, do not undervalue it either. Your RV is an investment when you first buy it. Therefore, sufficient return on it must be your priority. Furthermore, a below-priced RV will result in buyers questioning your intention to sell it. Therefore, before you price it, consult an RV dealership.

Do the Necessary

Before you present the RV to the public:

  1. Remember to clean it first.
  2. Remove your personal belongings from their interior. You may leave a few décor items behind that are impersonal.
  3. Do not leave family pictures or address books lying around.
  4. Continue making the repairs that you can afford.

Lastly, after successfully finding a buyer and negotiating a sale, it is time to seal it shut. However, refrain from receiving a personal check or providing bank information to strangers. Encompass the sale on a wire transfer that does not involve sharing either your or their bank information.

Sell Your RV Successfully

When a buyer makes a query, do not sugarcoat or spin it. RV auctions online have proven to be a great option for customers and resellers alike, so why not seize the opportunity right in front of us.