Safety Tips for Open Road RV Travel

There’s nothing quite like setting out over the open road, watching the landscape shift as you move along. And when you’re traveling in an RV, you likely have many creature comforts with you that can make your experience even better.

RV life isn’t for everyone. But this lifestyle has actually been popularized in recent years. In fact, largely due to the COVID-19 pandemic, RV lifestyles have seen an upswing. This is because more people can now work from “home” in today’s world. And when you own an RV, home can be wherever you want it to be.

But living in an RV comes with risks. Though most of these risks are associated with road travel in general, you can still take certain steps to make your RV safer, more comfortable and keep it looking new as you travel.

No matter your reason for RV living, the following will give you a few tips that you’ll want to consider. 

Paint Protection

One of the key fundamentals of RV life involves a lot of travel. As such, you’re going to be traveling heavily with your RV, and probably for long distances over a variety of road conditions. 

Wear and tear from road travel can add up quickly. And this is going to become visible on your RV over time. But one of the best ways to keep your vehicle from displaying unsightly road blemishes is to have some form of paint protection added.

Paint protection film can be applied to your RV at a moderate cost. And this will increase the life of your paint job, keeping your RV looking shiny and new as you criss-cross the landscaper at your leisure.

Additionally, with paint protection, you’ll find that you’ll also have an easier time washing and waxing as well.

Research Parking Areas

One of the best strategies to employ before you go driving off into the sunset is to research parking areas and campgrounds well ahead of time. This can not only save you the hassle of finding a suitable parking area, but it’s also a much safer practice as well.

Across the country, there are numerous campgrounds, RV parks, and parking areas suitable for RVs. However, not all of these offer safety considerations. 

For example, some areas will offer on-site security 24/7 whereas others will not have any. Additionally, some areas have plenty of services available such as a headquarters or office where you can buy supplies. And places that feature services of this sort are typically monitored by groundskeepers or security patrols.

Not knowing where you’re going can be fun and exciting, but being proactive and executing a little common sense where safety is concerned can be of great benefit to you and your family. 

Rest Frequently 

Over-the-road travel can be tiresome. And this is especially true when you’re spending weeks on the road in an RV. 

Studies on OTR truck drivers have shown that after about 13 hours of driving, road fatigue can settle in. In fact, many laws have been enacted which restricts a truck driver to drive only a certain amount of hours per day

When road fatigue occurs, your judgment can become skewed, and depth perception can be affected as well as your vision. And you need all of these things to function and drive safely over the road

If you feel yourself beginning to get fatigued, pull over to a suitable area and rest for a while. After all, you have an RV and it’s probably stocked up with just about everything you need including a bed where you can rest. So take advantage of that. 

RV life can be exciting and fulfilling in a variety of ways. And you really have to have a love for the open road to embrace this lifestyle. But if you do embrace it, remember these tips so that you’ll be able to enjoy a safer and much more comfortable travel experience.