When giving a speech you want to ensure that every element is engaging. From the slides to your main arguments, putting the right pieces together can help your presentation better resonate with the audience. You don’t want your colleagues to leave with no takeaways or to become disengaged halfway through. For content that just seems boring,  like finance or analytics, using certain strategies will make even those topics more exciting.

In the hustle and bustle of the new year, presentations don’t always take the top of the priority list. It may feel like extra effort when you’re burnt out or don’t feel creative. However, there are simple ways for you to enhance your speech and make a lasting impression on your audience.

Show Don’t Tell

As online tools continue to evolve, creating captivating presentations while on a budget has become easier. For content related to technical solutions or software, using a screen recorder helps you showcase your product. Screen recorders capture every click that you make on video, while also recording audio. These features ensure you don’t miss any important detail in your demonstration.

Adding video tutorials or demos to your presentations allows you to narrate while demonstrating a digital product ahead of time. You can even utilize screen recorders to create gifs that show a few seconds of a task. Recording your talk will also allow you to fine-tune your content. Seeing yourself explain information facilitates efficient rehearsal and refinement of your content, ensuring a polished and impactful delivery.

Add Some Color

White slides with plain black text are easy to make, but they will bore your viewers. You don’t have to be a graphic designer to make your slides pop. You can make your slides look fresh by taking advantage of online resources and platforms at your disposal. Tools like Canva provide easy-to-edit templates that any professional can use. Simply adding a little color will make your slides more fun, and better keep an audience’s attention. If you make your slides match your branding, they can also help your business be more memorable down the line.

If digital art tools are too involved for your taste, there are still ways to make your presentation more visually appealing. By doing a quick Google search you’ll find thousands of free templates online to download. Using a creative template can improve the appearance of your presentation with very little effort on your part. For Google and Microsoft users alike, there are plenty of options to choose from that can give your slides the oomph they need. Make sure the template you choose is relevant to the information you’re presenting to have a cohesive look.

Include Engaging Media

Visual content can support many different goals, no matter the topic. With the speed and convenience of clipart, it’s tempting to take the easy route. However, it can make your slides seem less professional. In contrast, taking a few more minutes to find quality media for your slides will give your presentation creative support. Powerful images can transport your audience and ignite their imagination. If your topic covers historical events, for example, including media from that time period will set the scene. 

Photos and videos are also helpful when showcasing a new product or service. Using videos can help you highlight direct quotes and examples, while photos give static visualization. If possible, photograph a step-by-step demonstration to visualize a process. Take a video of the product in use or a tour of the production facility. In the end, good visuals support your message and aid an audience’s understanding.

Dress it Down

Giving an impactful lecture isn’t always about the content. Your manner of presenting can easily affect the memorability of your project. Don’t be afraid to relax a little. It may be difficult to take a deep breath, especially when you’re giving a high-stakes lecture. However, making your speech less formal will help you connect better with the audience. You can start by dressing a little more casually, if appropriate. Casual attire brings you to the audience’s level and makes you more relatable.

Depending on the content matter, you may also have some freedom to lighten up the speech a little. Add some humor or anecdotes to entice a reaction. People are more likely to remember experiences that keep them engaged and make them laugh. Including memes or pop culture references can also make a topic more relatable. This strategy is dependent on the content, but if appropriate, humor can make your presentation more captivating.

Make it Interactive

Making room for participating can be beneficial, especially if you’re teaching a class or hosting a long lecture. It’s often difficult for people to sit and listen for long periods of time, so providing an opportunity to participate provides some relief. Include some rhetorical questions in your speech to encourage your audience to reflect. If education is your end goal, create short quizzes after every section to challenge the group’s memory. 

For speeches in front of a smaller group, ask your peers to get into groups to discuss and respond to the material. Have people perform a game or activity beforehand to give a good introduction to the topic. Introducing interactive activities will encourage the audience to engage with the content differently. This strategy also ensures that the topic stays on their mind throughout the day.

Small Changes Make a Big Difference

Creating an engaging presentation seems like a daunting task for those who don’t have creative strengths or motivation. In reality, it takes little effort to make improvements to your slides. Including any of the above strategies will help you develop a presentation that your audience will remember.