The use of influencers as an approach to marketing is currently a common marketing method. Contrary to traditional marketing, with influencer marketing, businesses are supposed to be willing to invest the time to develop honest and authentic relationships with their influencers. Furthermore, more than often, the results are not measured in terms of dollars or cents rather they are measured in the acquisition of new brand loyalists. However, it is essential to note that it can be difficult to gauge success without a bank statement to back it up. So, to be appraised of influencer marketing statistics requires the acquisition of an excellent influencer marketing platform.

Part 1. How to Learn about Influencer Marketing Statistics – InflueNex

The phrase influencer marketing statistics seem to be complicated and rigorous endeavor but it is a piece of cake in the actual sense. You are not physically involved in the computation and representation of the influencer marketing raw statistical data. There are robust software’s which do the entire job for you. They are unlimited in availability but their efficiency varies and the one popular software is InflueNex. It features a sleek and user-friendly interface. InflueNex is a channel to source the right influencers for your brand from YouTube. The suites automatically collect, sort, analyze and present/present influencer marketing statistics.

InflueNex Key Features 

InflueNex being a premium utility does not disappoint with strong and reliable features. They are quite a good number of them but there are four which are prominent.

  1. Search. This is a key feature allowing you to provide specific primary word and sieve through over 200k influencer database to select relevant influencers. The search feature is integrated with rich filter conditions and supports suggestive search.
  2. Analyze. This is the core feature which intelligently provides influencer marketing statistics to help in an apt and objective evaluation of the influencer. Each performance and influencer profile features are analyzed and represented uniquely.
  3. Contact. Effective communication ensures a smooth and cooperative running of the business among different stake holders, and this what you will get from InflueNex because with just a click you can communicate to the entire group of your influencers.
  4. Manage. InflueNex allows you to classify your influencers in groups breaking down the tedious processes and workforce involved in management.

How to Use InflueNex to Search Influencers and View the Statistics of the Influencer 

There is no Influencer Marketing Platform which is easy to use and straightforward compared to InflueNex. Visit InflueNex official site and sign in prior to initiating the search process of influencers.

Step 1. Slide the cursor in to the “Search Dialogue Box” and left-click. Enter the Keyword or the YouTuber’s channel. Optionally, select the filters appropriate on the filter section. Proceed and click the “Search” icon.


Step 2. The results will be displayed after some few seconds.


Step 3. Click on each of the results to check the influencer marketing statistics.


Step 4. Click “Send Invite” and start interacting with the influencer.


Part 2. The Facts about Influencer Marketing 

Influencer marketing seems to be new but it has been in use for a while now. This lack of clarity has breadedsome skeptical business persons. Nonetheless, for those business persons who have already ventured into influencer marketing have testifiedbetter about using the technique in marketing. They corrected what was still in doubt and in turn more facts have been realized about influencer marketing.

  1. Flexible Pricing – When contrasted to traditional forms of marketing search as celebrity endorsements, television commercials influencer marketing is a highly accessible method that can meet the needs for both large and small businesses; pricing structure, campaigns can be designed to conform to a wide range of goals and budgets.


  1. Help Find the Right Influencer–with InfueNex you will be able to use the different filters and get the right and genuine influencer for your brand.
  2. Easily measure success of the campaign-This tool provides with analytics dashboard that shows you the results of the campaign and you can filter them according to views and likes.
  3. Audience and Demographic targeting –Brands can specialize in working with influencers in a particular category of content and on selecting influencer the business can request access to information on their follower demographics. These factors can be vital in helping brands optimize their campaign to reach a specific target audience.



Influencer marketing can be beneficial if you wisely select the right influencer and run manage the campaign effectively. That process is tedious and time consuming.  We recommend InflueNex and you’ll effortlessly manage influencer marketing.