Growing cannabis is far from a walk in the park. There are so many things one has to consider, like knowing how to diagnose issues in your plant by looking at the leaves. There can be nutritional problems, water issues, and heat issues. You must be able to distinguish between these problems and find proper solutions to them. Caring for your plant will also greatly depend on the specific strain from the cannabis seeds you use. Here are a few points to consider while facing growth problems with your marijuana plant.

  • Boron Deficiency

You will recognize a boron deficiency if the new growth is thick, looks abnormal or twisted, and has brown spots. It diminishes the quality of CBD hemp oil and also causes significant harvest losses.

  • Calcium Deficiency

The first symptoms of calcium deficiency are brown spots and weak stems.

  • Iron Deficiency

The inner and top leaves turn white or yellow with iron deficiency.

  • Magnesium Deficiency

Older leaves become yellow between the veins if there is a loss of Magnesium.

  • Manganese Deficiency

Mottled brown spots between the veins of the leaves are a sign of Manganese deficiency.

  • Molybdenum Deficiency

Pink or red coloring on the leaves means there is a deficiency of Molybdenum.

  • Nitrogen Deficiency

Nitrogen deficiency leads the leaves on the lower side turn yellow and begin to fall off.

  • Nitrogen Toxicity

Leaves become excessively dark green, and their tips turn down. This is also known as the claw.

  • Nutrient Burn

Nutrient burn causes the plants have burnt tips

  • Phosphorous Deficiency

There is a strange leaf coloring, and dark splotches appear, and the leaves begin to drop

  • Potassium Deficiency

There are yellow margins and yellow edges on the leaves

  • Sulfur Deficiency

It starts at the base of the leaves and spreads to the tips the leaves turn yellow.

  • Zinc Deficiency

The top leaves turn yellow with zinc deficiency.

  • Nutrient Burn

Nutrient burn causes the plants to have burnt tips

  • Watering Issues

When the plant is excessively watered, the leaves begin to wilt and the leaves dropdown. When the plant is not watered enough, the leaves begin to wilt and look lifeless.

  • Light Burn

All the leaves close to the source of light appear yellow and burnt.

The leaves begin capping and pointing up.

  • Male Plants

Remove all plants that have both female flowers and a pollen sac to prevent pollination. These will often decrease the quality of CBD hemp oil produced after harvest. Any plants with bananas growing on the buds are male plants. During the time of stress, these bananas or stamens will also appear directly on a female plant. These produce pollen and do not even need to be open to make seeds. You, therefore, need to ensure you remove them immediately they begin growing. You will distinguish a male and a female plant by looking at whether the plant has produced any buds.

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Type of Stress That Triggers Bananas To Form on Your Plants

  • Too much heat
  • Too much light
  • Inconsistent light schedules and light leaks
  • Major plant problems like nutrient deficiencies, nutrient burns, and light burns
  • Genetics


At the flowering stage, your marijuana plant is focusing on making buds. They do not require a lot of TLC and are focusing on keeping healthy. Unfortunately, this is also the time when plant growers get comfortable and forget about their plants. There are several reasons why your flowering stage may not be a huge success, and you need to find out why.