Essential Things You Need To Grow Cannabis

As cannabis legalization is spreading across the US, Europe, and other parts of the world, it’s best to grow your weed. Marijuana is called weed for a reason. It grows fast and is simple to germinate like a weed. 

You may be asking yourself why growing seems challenging and why you require much equipment. The truth is, if you plant a cannabis seed in your backyard and forget about it, it’ll germinate and grow well. However, it may not give you impressive yields. That’s why you require growing details and equipment. 

To maximize your yields in terms of potency and size, your plants need excellent growth conditions. This starts by visiting an online shop like i49 to buy seeds.

Here are some essential things you need to grow marijuana:

Clones Or Seeds

If you know someone who grows cannabis, they can help you get clones. But if you aren’t lucky, you need to buy some marijuana clones or seeds and germinate them. There are various types of seeds that you can acquire from a seed bank. Most people prefer growing feminized seeds because they have fewer chances of producing male or hermaphrodite plants.

Some people also recommend purchasing seeds from an overseas seed bank because growing weed is considered a federal crime in some US states. Also, transporting seeds across different states may land you in some legal problems, though the risks are low. 

When buying seeds, you should acquire those with a 100% germination guarantee. That way, you’ll avoid wasting money on seeds that aren’t viable. Ensure you go through the reviews of an online seed bank before making a purchase. Most seed banks strive to sell genuine and viable seeds. However, some traders may be out to con you by selling you cheap and unproductive seeds. You can avoid them by always being on the lookout. 


Seeds are a must-have to grow cannabis plants. But without space to develop them, it’s needless to buy them in the first place. Your growth space can take various forms. You could use your basement, a warehouse, closet, shipping container, or any other space you can imagine. 

If you choose to grow your cannabis indoors, you’ll require a space that can enable you to control the environment and keep out pests and prying eyes. Though growing marijuana is legal, it’s best only to let a few people know you’re growing it. The more people know about it, the higher the chances of theft. 

Your space may require ventilation and power. Its walls may also need a covering made from a reflective material. If you’re a small-scale grower, a tent can be ideal for you. Tents enclose plants in a suitable environment and are perfect for indoor growing. There’s no harm in growing plants in the whole tent. However, you need to leave some space to allow you to get in and tend your plants. 

Medium And Container

You can grow your cannabis in soil, container, or other growth media. The most popular way of growing cannabis is through hydroponics. This technique involves feeding the plants’ roots with nutrients through circulating water.

Hydroponics can give you bigger yields and accelerate growth. However, it’s more challenging to set up and needs more attention. So if you’re a beginner, this may not be best for you. Instead, you can grow your plants in soil.

Growing cannabis in soil is much simpler than using a hydroponic system. You may require a garden or container filled with soil to grow your plants. Expert growers recommend mixing the soil with the proper nutrients before planting the seeds. If you choose to use a container, it’s best to use fabric pots. That’s because they enhance growth more than ceramic or plastic pots. 

You can use small containers to grow seedlings. Once the plants have outgrown the container, transfer them to a large pot and keep moving them to larger pots till they mature. That way, you’ll boost their growth.

Cannabis plants can grow very big if placed in a pot that’s large enough. Ensure that you use soil that most cannabis growers recommend. It should be full of nutrients that the plants need. 


It’s fine to use tap water for your plants. However, you should examine the chemicals in it. Most municipalities provide water quality information. You should find out how much mineral content but has. The best water for your plants should have no chlorine and less than 400ppm mineral content. You can know the mineral content in your water by buying a TDS meter and testing the waters. Unfortunately, the results given by this meter aren’t always reliable.

If your water has a high mineral content, it’s advisable to use complex water nutrients. If it has chlorine, let it sit for more than 24 hours before using it on your plants. That’ll allow all the chlorine to evaporate. 

pH Balance And Nutrients

Cannabis plants are greedy. They consume a lot of nutrients and use them to grow faster. It’s advisable to buy a nutrient solution that’s created for growing marijuana. That way, you’ll ensure that your plants get the correct amounts of the proper nutrients. Always begin by using half of the recommended nutrient amounts before adjusting to the total amount.

You also need to check a nutrient deficiency chat to determine whether there are any deficiencies or excesses. The soil you grow your cannabis in should have a pH ranging from 6.0 to 7.0. Digital meters or strips can help you test pH.


To ensure that your cannabis grows effectively, you need lights. Most growers use LED grow lights. The good news is that these lights’ prices have gone down, and you can buy quality lights at an affordable price. 

Fluorescent lights may be best for small-scale growing. If you use them for a large space, they may be expensive because you’ll require many bulbs. Always put the lights on a timer to switch on and off at specific times of the day. That way, they’ll mimic the natural daylight conditions that the cannabis plants would face outdoors.


Getting maximum harvest from your cannabis plant may seem challenging. But with these essential things, it can be easy.