How to Have Uninterrupted Internet During Work From Home

Having a bad network can be a good excuse to escape work from home or online classes. But what if you actually face a bad network and miss important interviews, meetings, and classes because of that? It can definitely be a thing to worry about! Since everything is happening in the online mode right now (due to corona), we need to fix this problem as it can create a major hurdle during our work from home sessions. Moreover, Wi-Fi at most houses face interrupted network due to poor service providers and lack of network coverage. Also, many big companies are planning to shift to the “work from home” mode even after corona is gone as it is more convenient and economical for them to manage. This means that we need to find a solution to an interrupted network at home.

Here are a few tips and techniques to have an uninterrupted network during work from home:

Since we use our Wi-Fi router almost all the time, it tends to get overheated due to over-usage. Hence, we need to unplug and plug our router every few hours, switch it off and on every day or reset and update it whenever required. We also need to give it some rest in between and switch to mobile data or mobile hotspot for few minutes, every few hours. This will give the overused router some time to function back again properly. Even if we buy luxury shoes, wearing them every day and all the time can lead to its wear and tear. It is the same with any product, and the router is not an exception. We must also ensure that the router is kept in a place at the house through which it can reach all the rooms and areas of the house. In bungalows, most routers do not provide a network on the other floors. So we must buy a router which is strong enough or place routers on each floor. Another great way to tackle this problem is a Wi-Fi extender. Wi-Fi extenders increase the reach of the Wi-Fi/ network. Also, the routers must be placed in such a manner that they are not cramped, congested, and covered so that they get a good signal.

We can’t use our Wi-Fi when there is a power cut, and for such situations, we need to have a backup plan which is good mobile data. We must subscribe to a network ( Jio, Airtel, Vodaphone) based on our locality. Different networks work differently in different states or cities. For example, Vodafone works the best in Gujarat, and in Tamil Nadu, the best network is Airtel.

Too many cars at the same time on one road can cause traffic jams, too many people inside one lift at the same time can cause the lift not to work. Similarly, too many gadgets using the same Wi-Fi simultaneously can cause network traffic! For example, imagine that you and your wife are working from home and your respective computers/ laptops are using Wi-Fi, your older child is attending online classes and using the same Wi-Fi, and your younger child is watching fun videos on his/ her tablet using the same Wi-Fi. This will cause network traffic which overburdens the router and deteriorates the Wi-Fi network making it very slow. Hence, we must use the Wi-Fi router judiciously!

Everything needs routine repairs and service, whether it is our body or vehicle. Similarly, we must get regular service done for our routers, especially during such times when we are using them a lot as everything is online. We must also upgrade our routers if needed as we cannot expect the basic model of the router to function in such times if we have three-four or more members using it all the time. The same is applicable for tablets, laptops, and computers.

All these points will function if the Wi-Fi router is suitable for your respective device(s). Yes, few devices (specifical computers) require particular routers. So before buying a router, check what suits your and your device’s requirements. Your device needs to have a Network Adaptor Drive, too, as it helps in communication between the device and the network. You can also invest in a good power generator/ inventor which supports the router if your area has frequent power cuts.

What should an ideal router have?

If you are willing to buy a new router, you must have these points on your checklist:

  • The router should have a good QoS- Quality of Service. It helps to manage traffic.
  • A dual-core processor to handle more data is necessary right now.
  • As mentioned, it must be appropriate for your device(s).
  • It should have a mesh network for better signal spread across your house.

If you face problems sometimes, then it is normal, and you do not need to panic. You can shift to mobile data or hotspot and, in the meanwhile, switch your router off and on or unplug and plug it. But even after following all these techniques, it’s time to shift to another network provider if you face constant problems.

If you are looking for a point-to-point guide on how to fix network related errors like DHCP lookup failed, Get back to your important work; this is the website that will give you all the details required to get back your IP address and internet service on track.

Now no more missing meetings and pissing your boss off due to poor network!