Social Media Tricks

A massive social media following is an asset to any business worth its salt in this age. Essentially, it is your pool of clients and prospects under one roof. Having an audience also shows that they’ve taken an interest in what you have to offer in the product line or service.

Growing your following on social media is not easy. Your product needs to be visible and most of all, your marketing plan needs to be precise and straightforward. It would take days before anyone finds your product and when they do, there’s no guarantee of them following you.

Social media giveaways act as boosters to help you grow your fans on social media pages. Within 72 hours, you’re likely to double your following using simple giveaway techniques. However, the giveaways should give you something back.

Below are tips that can help you grow your social media following with real people who are interested, responsive and engaging.

Social Media Giveaway Rules and Regulations

For social media giveaways to work as they should, there are several rules you need to follow. Every social media has its guidelines towards giveaways. The regulations may also vary depending on your location.

Always take care to observe these rules; failure to which you’ll be operating illegally, and that can get you closing shop before making a sale. Since you aim to grow your clientele, not observing the rules is thus a self-sabotage move.

During the giveaway, there’s no purchase necessary for the participants in exchange for the gift. Ensure that your message shows other forms of participation other than the transfer of cash.

The Giveaway Message Structure

Keeping the message simple and with as little instructions as possible will get more people signing up. A landing page for the giveaway should have all the information regarding the promotion; this includes the value of your giveaway. People are likely to participate more aggressively when they know the value of your gift.

Start the Buzz

Way before broadcasting your give away, charge up the existing clients of an upcoming offer. Creating anticipation to the already existing fans will make them feel valued. They may also take part in sharing the message around.

Working with influencers will help the message to reach the masses faster. Social media influencers have a large and trusting following. That means your product and service will reach their audience and because they already trust the person, they’ll believe the message as well.

Promote it Right

Promoting helps reach the right people who are likely to take a keen interest in your products and service and not just the gift. At the end of the giveaway period, you want people who will linger and see your other valuable wares.


If you think of your social media page as your shopping mall, then the fans are a group of clients and interested buyers. Giveaways are effective in bringing the prospects inside your shop which increases the chances of a sale.

With the new trend, gaining followers is now easy, and all you have to toil for is the quality of your product or service and your marketing content.