Eco-friendly wedding

A wedding is one of those momentous events that stays in a person’s life for as long as they live. Many people plan for months or even years in order to have a perfect wedding day.

But a wedding can have the tendency to be wasteful too. The day after the event you’ll see paper waste, flowers that have been dumped and even excess food that needs to be thrown away.

The good news is that it is not that hard to plan an eco-friendly and sustainable wedding. Here are five aspects of your wedding where you can inject eco-friendly changes.

#1. The venue

Your venue can be your biggest contribution to an eco-friendly wedding. You don’t have to get married on a farm or the like. The key is to look for a place where you can reduce the energy and material you use. You can start by choosing a place that is easily accessible to you and your guests. It would also be good to get married when there is lots of natural light available.

#2. The flowers

Look for a flower supplier that ensures that their flowers are organic and do not use chemicals like pesticides. You can also look for in-season flowers. If you want to find other purposes for your flowers after the event, there are companies that specialize in reusing them and giving the proceeds to charity. For table arrangements, you can always opt for flowers that are still potted so that you can bring them home or even replant them. If you have a quirky type of personality, why not go for the unique and choose a wedding bouquet that does not use flowers? You can use paper flowers, silk flowers or even an arrangement of stems and succulents. There are many ideas you can find once you search on the internet.

#3. Your wedding attire

If you have a big entourage, instead of buying their clothes, you can have them rent it instead. As for your wedding attire, you may want to use your mother or grandmother’s wedding dress. You can always have it reworked by a seamstress so that it will be more up to date and suited to your own style.

#4. The food

Of course, food is very important in any event. The great thing right now is that so many catering companies are embracing the farm to table movement. Work closely with your caterer so that you can come up with a menu full of locally grown products that are in season. Also, you may want to ready sustainable take out boxes so that you can give the excess food for your guests to bring home.

#5. The party favors

For an eco-friendlier wedding, opt for party favors that are edible. You can prepare homemade jams placed inside reusable mason jars. Others give cookies or biscuits. Others also opt to donate to charity in the name of their guests.