How to Create a Streamlined Online Ordering System

Are you looking for a perfect online ordering system to help you streamline your restaurant operations? With the rise of the on-demand economy and the growing demand for a seamless ordering experience, online ordering systems have grown in popularity among businesses, especially in the food industry.

In this blog, we will walk you through developing your online ordering system, from understanding your customers’ needs to launching your strategy and promoting it to your target audience.

What is an Online Ordering System?

An online food ordering system is a platform that allows customers to order food directly from a website or a mobile app. Also, the food business owners can manage the entire order collection, preparation, and delivery operation via the on-demand food ordering system. The system automates & streamlines the ordering process, from browsing the menu to finalizing the payment.

Why does your Restaurant Business need an Online Ordering System? 

Whether you run a small cafe or a large restaurant chain, an online ordering system can help you streamline your operations, increase efficiency, and grow your business. Have a look at the following advantages of the online food ordering software:

Streamlined Operations

The online food delivery app automates operations like collecting new orders and deliveries. Thus, restaurant or food business owners can streamline their routine operations and make quick deliveries.

Positive client experience

When customers can easily order on their own using the mobile app or website, there are fewer chances of manual errors. Also, they get their food orders delivered quickly and hot. Thus, all this helps enhance their shopping experience, and they are more likely to repeat their orders. 

More Orders Online 

According to studies, people order more online than in regular dine-in. A few reasons lead them to order, including the mouth-watering food images and the choice to browse the menu without a rush. 

The high-resolution food images trigger hunger and taste buds leading people to order more. Secondly, people get enough time to browse the menu completely at the convenience of their homes. They don’t have any obligation to put their orders quickly. Thus, when they see more, they order more.

No Commission 

You can keep 100% of the profits when you make the food deliveries on your own. Thus, you can save massive commissions paid to third-party aggregators. 

Increase Productivity

The online food ordering system helps save huge amounts of time and energy for the restaurant staff. Now they don’t have to spend hours answering the calls to receive food orders, convey the message to the kitchen, and then hand over the prepared order to the delivery staff. The on-demand food delivery app can manage all these operations, thus allowing the staff to focus on other core activities. 

Brand Marketing

You can easily promote your own brand with an on-demand food ordering software for your restaurant or food brand. Rather with the food delivery aggregator apps, you have to share your space with the competitors and profits with the aggregators. Your online ordering system is the way to create and promote your own restaurant and food brand.

Increased Sales

With an on-demand food delivery app, restaurant owners can expand their reach to a broader audience. When they can reach more people, they can boost their restaurant sales. With increased sales, they can get higher revenue. 

How to Create an Online Food Ordering System?

Know your Needs

Before developing your online food ordering system, you must know the objectives and the needs behind it very clearly. When you have a clear idea of the requirements, you will base your features, design, & budget on it accordingly and will convey the development team better. You must know your target audience and competitors well for a better business marketing strategy.

Make a budget

After being clear about your requirements, the following clarification you want is the budget to create your online food-ordering app. Once you have an approximate budget, finalizing the essential features, design, and third-party aggregators for your online ordering system will be easier. 

Hire a Food delivery App Development Company.

The next step to creating an online food ordering system is to find a reliable development partner. You can look for the websites online and check their experience in the industry, reviews from past clients, and also the past projects they have done. 

Development, Testing & Launch

Once you hire food delivery app developers, start the development process. They also perform quality assurance of the applications to make them compatible for launch. Once the app is ready, implement it in your restaurant, cafe, or bar.

Saas Vs Custom Online Ordering System

So, now you know how to create an online food ordering system like deliveroo for your food business. A custom food delivery app certainly offers many benefits, including fast performance and a native user experience. But we cannot deny the fact that custom food delivery applications cost you a fortune. 

What is the right alternative if you are low on the budget for the online food ordering system? An ideal alternative can be a readymade food ordering software. Now the next question is which one to go for your restaurant business? 

If you are in the dilemma of choosing between readymade food ordering software or a custom food delivery application, we can certainly help.

Every organization has its unique needs and budget; thus, the choice of online food ordering system will depend on that. So, the best option is to analyze your business requirements. 

When to Choose Saas-based Online Food Ordering Software?

When you want to create an online food ordering system on a budget, a saas-based food ordering app is the ideal route. Here are some pros of readymade online ordering software:

  • Affordable, reliable, and easy to integrate.
  • Regular IT maintenance for applications.
  • 24/7 customer service
  • Ready-to-launch Software
  • Essential Features & Customizations


By now, you must be well aware of the detailed steps of creating an Online ordering system. In the current digital world where convenience is the priority,  you must need an online food ordering system for your restaurant business to stand out. 

Creating a custom food delivery app is undoubtedly beneficial and can take your food business to the next level. However, startups and SMBs who want to enter the food industry to establish their presence look for an affordable option. In that case, a SaaS-based food delivery application is the right option for them.