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Videos have become a vital part for businesses that wish to grow. They have proven to increase engagement, conversion rates, and click-through rates. The increasing rates shows that videos are evolving rapidly and it will reach new heights very soon. Here’s a proof to it.

So, get noticed by creating promotional videos! It can turn out to be the best and the most profitable marketing tool to set your business apart from the rest of the crowd.

Now let’s talk about the high importance of creating promotional videos for business development:

#1. Boosts Sales and Conversions

With the help of promotional videos, you can generate a considerable amount of money. According to a study, if you add the video of your product or service on the landing page then you can increase conversions by 80%. Videos can be beneficial regardless of where you place it.

Promotional videos also lead to direct sales. Research shows that videos have helped businesses increase sales. So start creating exciting videos for your product right now!

Vision is the most dominant sense of human beings. Hence, how useful a video can be, should not at all be surprising. We already know how pictures help to increase engagement, imagine how effective moving pictures will be for your business!

#2. Videos Give the Best ROI

Videos are a great investment. The production of videos is not easy nor cheap, but in the long run, it is a lot more beneficial. Video editing tools are improving each day and becoming more affordable. Nowadays, even with your smartphones, you can create amazing videos.

Videos don’t always have to be exceptional, what really matters is the content. Viewers mostly dislike videos that have no clear explanation of a product or service. For them, video quality and the design doesn’t hold that much significance.

#3. Promo Videos helps to Build Trust

Promotional videos help to build trust and engage in long-term relationships. Therefore, stop selling and provide consumers with some useful information!

There are times when consumers are confused about buying a product or service online because they are afraid of cheating and fraud. But if a promotional video is presented in a conversational form and has the power to ignite emotions, then it can encourage people to purchase products online and can be a lot more effective.

Always keep in mind that the goal of online marketing is to connect with your audience by giving them the best and exciting video content related to your product or service.

#4. Promo Videos are Great for Demos

Demo videos are one of the best forms of the promotional video. With the help of a demo, you can add depth to your product or service and explain how it really works. A product that has a long description cannot describe a product as well as a promo video can. If the promo video is in the form of a demo, then consumers will get to be more familiar with the features of a product or a service. A demo video is definitely a more effective tool of marketing than a picture or a plain text.

#5. Promo Videos are more Personal

Promo videos are more successful than a long-descriptive text or a photoshopped image. Promo videos feel more real as you get to see the facial expressions, body language and hear the voice of the character. It also focuses on different thoughts which grabs the attention of the viewers. The blend of visuals and sounds builds trust and loyalty and businesses can gain immense benefit through it. A Promo video gives an identity and personality to your video.

The above steps will not only help you to understand the consumer interest but will also help you to know the number of viewers who can become potential customers. It is true that most businesses predict sales by looking at the popularity of their products.

The process of creating promo videos is as crucial as knowing the importance of it. Let’s have a look at how you can make the best promo videos to boost your business.

How to create a promotional video with Renderforest Tools

Creating a promo video is easy, especially with Renderforest! Promotional videos not only help you to engage with the audience but to also keep up with the demands of the social media. As long as you keep your videos entertaining, educational and real, you are good to go!

Renderforest is an affordable video making tool that converts video production into a simple and quick process. So, let’s get started on how you can create a promotional video using Renderforest tools:

# Step 1

Create an account by signing up to their platform. Once you have signed up successfully, then select ‘Product and Service Promotion’ by clicking on the Promotional optional option which is located in the drop-down menu.

# Step 2

To start the process of producing a promotional video, click on ‘Create’ button.

# Step 3

You will then be directed to the video editing page, where you can edit each clip and add preferred text or a music track in the background. You can select the music from a large catalog available or upload your own track by selecting the ‘Upload your Music’ option.

To preview your promo video you can click on the ‘Preview’ tab. The video that you will create will be automatically saved in the RenderForest account and you can reach it at any time by going to the My Videos page.

These were the 3 easy, simple and engaging ways to create a promo video on Renderforest.

If you are looking to create high-quality videos for your next marketing campaign. Then Renderforest is the right platform for you. It allows you to create videos quickly and efficiently for free. Get the best service by using the Renderforest tools now!

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