How to Choose the Best Vaping Kit

You’ve come up to vaping – it’s a great world of e-cigarettes – you’ll enjoy your stay! After you come to realize all the benefits of vaping and how it’s better than smoking cigarettes (let’s not mention the Impact it has on your health and the price you’ll pay monthly for smoking), you won’t even decide to look back.

It happens that when you first look at a website for a starter kit, you might get overwhelmed. You won’t really know what to choose – which are the best or which would suit you best.

We’ve written this article to show you what to choose for your first vaping experience. When you’re looking for your first starter kit, you need to take a look at how many cigarettes do you usually smoke per day – as all the kits come with a number of cigarettes that are ideal to be replaced. Also, see what’s your budget for this new experience. Then look at the place you’re going to vape –it may be at your house, or perhaps somewhere out – it’s important, as there are some smaller kits which are portable (however, larger kits come with more features). Then ask yourself what are the tools that you need – maybe a car charger is not a bad idea.

Choose e-pens

E-pens are so much fun, because they have the all-in-one system. They come with a pre-determined setting and that’s why they’re perfect for those of you who are first-time vapers. There is not much to do; you need to charge the battery and then refill the e-juice.

They’re also really cheap, another thing that makes them great for new vapers. A vape pen starter kit is definitely what you need if you’re a beginner.

There’s one catch, though – you cannot really modify the pen, so you only have the setting that you’ve got from the beginning. You’ll have small juice tanks, which means that you’ll not get much vapor. And because of the fact that they don’t really use sub-ohm tanks, this means that you cannot use high-VG juices.

Choose vape kits

You’ve tried e-pens and you decided you wanted something a bit more fancy. A vape kit is definitely what you’re looking for. They’re pretty similar to what we’ve written above, but they also come with additional mods and accessories.

You should know that mods presently represent a standard kit for vapers. You’ll have the ability to customize your wattage, resistance and temperature and this is what makes the best out of a customized experience.

You should take a look at them:

The wattage shoes the power level of your mod, which is what will change the density, size and flavor of your vape. You have to be sure that you won’t forget about the recommended wattage for your atomizer.

The size also matters – if the kits are larger, you’ll be able to enjoy more features and more capacity. However, the problem is that they’re not portable.