Best Glasses For Your Face Shape

One way to achieve a close to 20/20 vision if you have nearsightedness, farsightedness, or astigmatism, is wearing a pair of eyeglasses. As much as you like to have a clear vision, you also want to wear your glasses with aesthetic sense and confidence, whether you’re in a casual or formal outfit.

When it comes to choosing the most suitable glasses for your face shape, you don’t have to possess the skills of an optometrist or a fashion expert. You can determine the right eyeglass frame that looks great on you with simple tips and tricks will be shared with you in this post, so keep reading.

Best Glasses for your face shape

You have to consider the shape of your face when selecting the best frame of eyeglasses for you. There are many online resources offering the best designs and styles of eyeglasses such as

This step is crucial to ensure that the frame fits the contour of your face. It highlights your best features, and reduces noticeable lines you want to minimize or conceal.

Here are the face shapes and the frame that suits best for it:


  • Best Eyeglasses: For a round face, the most suitable eyeglass frames are rectangular or square. It is because these frames tend to be wider as compared to a round face, which enhances the face by making it look slimmer and longer. It also adds balance to your round facial features.
  • Avoid Eyeglasses: If you have a round face, avoid frames that are rimless, round, and small frames. These frames will only accentuate the roundness of your face.


  • Best Eyeglasses: For this, the best frame is the one with a strong bridge that is wider as compared to the broadest part of the face. Choose a frame that is geometric in shape.
  • Avoid Eyeglasses: You need to avoid oversized eyeglasses that usually cover up almost half of the face. Oversized eyeglasses will only throw off the natural symmetry and balance of the face.


  • Best Eyeglasses: Frames that sit high on the nose bridge look perfect on square faces. The recommended ones are those with oval or round frames to achieve balance on the angularity.  These types can also make the face look thinner.
  • Avoid Eyeglasses: Don’t choose boxy or angular frames because they will only sharpen your facial features. These will make your face look bulky.


  • Best Eyeglasses: A diamond face usually has a narrow chin and forehead. It also has more full cheekbones.

Oval and cat-eye frames are suited for this. Whether you’re a student, office worker, or fashionable CEO, you’ll definitely find the best frame for your diamond face.

  • Avoid Eyeglasses: Narrow and boxy eyeglass frames accentuate the width of the cheeks, which draw attention to the narrow features of your face instead of enhancing them.


  • Best Eyeglasses: Frames that balance the narrowness of the chin and the width of the forehead are recommended for individuals with this face shape.

Choose eyeglasses with bottom heavy and low-set temple frame lines to add width to the narrower part of the face. Draw attention away from the high and broad forehead by choosing round or square or rectangular eyeglasses having curved edges

  • Avoid Eyeglasses: Avoid choosing frame colors that are steer clear and has an embellished tops or decorative temples.


  • Best Eyeglasses: Triangle faces are widest at the jaw and narrow up to the forehead. Go for cat-eye shapes or strong brow lines to emphasize your eyes.
  • Avoid Eyeglasses: Square and round eyeglass frames which will only make the forehead even appear narrower.

Considering Skin Tone

According to the National Eye Institute, early visual assessment and wearing the appropriate eyeglasses result in healthy eyes. Just as your face shape helps determine which frames look best for you, it’s also important to consider your skin tone. Your skin tone sets a high consideration and difference for high fashion frames. Choose a shade that is closest to your skin tone.

  • If you have a yellow skin tone or warm complexion, the best frame colors are brown shades, tortoise, beige, honey or gold, and olive green.
  • For cool skin complexion, with blue or pink undertones, choose eyeglass frames that are black, silver, blue, gray, mauve, or dark tortoise.


The key to finding the right eyeglass frames is to keep in mind that opposites attract. Choose a pair that is in contrast with your facial contour. Pick one that brings symmetry and balance to your most prominent facial features.

Having the right frame and color makes the best pair of eyeglasses for you, so you can wear it with full confidence, reflecting your personality and style.