Car Accident

A car accident could be more dangerous and threatening to the life of involved individuals not only in the present but also in the future. Insurance claims, compensations and self-injury are some of the baser complications that can overwhelm any individual in the period following after an accident. The services of a abogados de accidentes de auto could come in handy during such crises.


However, there are many auto accident attorneys to choose from that most of the time end up confusing individuals searching for competent services that can guarantee the desired results for them. Hence it is important to keep track of your requirements before visiting an attorney and different questions to ask the car accident lawyer to make sure that they are the right ones for the job.

Before diving into the specificity of the questions that should be presented to a car accident attorney, it is essential to observe the different areas that should be covered in the questions. Addressing the confusion in different crucial areas helps in developing a prolific base for comparing different attorneys and reach on a productive decision.

It is also imperative to note that the responses of a car accident attorney to the questions put forward are as significant as the tone of the lawyer. Let us explore the different questions that can help in selecting a competent car accident attorney for handling the case of a car accident.

Education and experience

The first round of questions to be posed for the car accident lawyer pertains to the background and experience of the attorney. This is essential for validating the legal education qualifications of the lawyer and their previous experience in dealing with car accident cases. For example, ‘In which year did you graduate?’

Or ‘Did you have any additional training for dealing with car accident cases?’. The experience of the lawyer could be ascertained through questions such as ‘How many car accident cases have you dealt with till now?’ or ‘Could you provided me example cases where you have been able to succeed in cases similar to mine?’

Direct involvement

The next question would be dealing with the confusion regarding the attorney’s involvement in the case. Most of the time, many car accident lawyers employ the services of non-attorney case managers and junior attorneys for addressing auto accident cases. Hence, it is important to ask whether the attorney would be involved personally especially in cases where a particular lawyer is needed for the case. Put forward the question ‘Will you be the only attorney dealing with my case?’ for the lawyer and be assured.

What and how much to pay?

Money matters! Yes, this is one of the most crucial aspects to be taken into account for selection of an auto accident attorney. While many car accident attorneys work by contingency fees, i.e., a specific portion of the total settlement for the client, many others prefer hourly rates.

Furthermore, there are additional fees and court costs that are incurred throughout investigation and preparation of lawsuit for the concerned case. Therefore questions such as ‘What will be your charges for my case?’ and ‘Are there any additional costs that I have to incur during the case?’ could help in clarifying doubts regarding the remuneration of the attorney.

Attorney’s approach

After clarity on basic yet important aspects of a car accident lawyer, it is essential to note the approach followed by the attorney for an evaluation of a particular case. The legal education, experience, and fees of a lawyer could seem to be substantial evidence for selecting an attorney.

However, different attorneys follow unique approaches in identifying the success factors for claims in a case, obstructions to obtain complete compensation and the time required for settling the claims for a car accident. Questions on these aspects could help in identifying whether the concerned auto accident attorney perceives a case as valid for compensations claims.

The next concern is formidable for the client as it reflects on the frequency of the attorney going for trial. Many insurance companies provide settlement claims which are considerably lesser than the amount that can be obtained as compensation by going to trial. Therefore, an attorney who does not frequently go to trials could be eyeing a faster payoff and closing of the case rather than focusing on getting the right claim for the client.

Reputation and credibility

The final factor that should be taken into account for posing questions before car accident lawyers is credibility. The client should ask the attorney about any instances of disciplinary action or censuring by ethics or legal committees in the past along with the reasons. This is necessary for ensuring that the client’s case is effectively represented in the court along with the security of the financials in trust accounts.

Another query that can work for identifying the credibility of an attorney effectively is ‘Could you provide references from past clients?’ Which can help a client to evaluate the performance of the attorney? The detailing in the response of an attorney could help in recognizing the relevance of results, period and additional expectations from the lawyer.