How To Buy And Receive Items Cheaply From Dubai

Items go through customs before embarking on the long journey to the destination country from Dubai. This comes with paying customs dues, making it expensive, especially if you’re shipping a small package. Buying items online and using peer to peer shipping is cheap and convenient without compromising safety.

Peer to peer shipping

You can purchase an item in Dubai and ship with a traveler instead of a regular shipping company. Shipping items over a long distance makes great sense with a traveler with free space in their suitcase. Your product is safe, free from customs duties, and receives special attention. Additionally, peer to peer shipping is a very simple process for eliminating waiting time as the goods are cleared by customs or waiting for the completion of the container vessel offloading.

With peer to peer shipping, your item arrives safely as soon as the traveler comes out of the airport. Picking a traveler to carry your item from Dubai is through a handy app and website. You just have to give full details of your item, weight, size, and value for the traveler to confirm enough space in your package. The app verifies your choice of traveler to ensure they are going to handle your task. This eliminates any worries you might have about entrusting your item with a stranger.

Benefits of peer to peer shipping 

Save time and money

When looking for affordable shipping services in Dubai , consider using a traveler to deliver your item. The process eliminates various costs for shipping and storage with the possibility of shipping your item at half the price charged by regular logistics companies. You use an app to connect with a local traveler who will deliver your item to your location or designated drop off point.

Keeps your items safe

Shipping with traditional logistics companies requires special packaging for your items to protect them from potential damage during transit. The companies handle large volumes of things and use forklifts to lift them. Some items especially fragile ones, might break or get damaged when not packaged properly. Additionally, some items need special packaging to limit dents and scratches. The packaging increases the shipping budget.

Luckily, there is no need for special packaging when you ship through peer to peer shipping. You deal with a real person who will do whatever it takes to ensure your item is in excellent condition regardless of packaging. The traveler moves with your item in their bag with no risk of damage or breaking for mishandling.

Transparent process

Importing items from Dubai through peer to peer shipping is a transparent process. First of there is no need to deal with loads of confusing paperwork. You do everything through a handy app that keeps logs of all your activities. And, the capacity of the traveler to handle your task is verified by the app beforehand.

While your item is in transit, there is no need for confusing tracking numbers and automatic updates. You keep checking on the person carrying your item throughout the journey, just like communicating with a friend.

Making the most out of peer to peer shipping 

Type of product

You have to pay attention to the type of item you want to ship from Dubai. The rule of thumb is to do your homework on items prohibited by the local authorities ( You have to make sure that the item you’re importing from Dubai is not illegal. Things like narcotics and firearms can’t be bought and shipped freely. Always check guidelines for items you can ship through the app to be on a safe side.

Product weight

When you ship with a traveler, your item is transported in personal luggage . So, mind about the weight of the item. Bulky items are harder to ship through this process. These increase the traveler’s luggage weight, leading to customs issues, and are hard to carry by hand. Smaller items like watches, smartphones, laptops, and jewelry are effortless to carry without the traveler facing any problem.

Arrival time

When choosing a traveler to ship your item, you have to mind their estimated arrival time. Understanding this will ensure that you determine when to expect your item. Additionally, knowing the traveler’s arrival time allows being on time to receive your item. You talk about with the traveler buy keeping time is crucial for everyone. The most important thing to remember when selecting a traveler on the app is how urgent you need the item.

Wrapping up

The internet is making buying things easier in Dubai today. This city is a wonderful shopping destination. Peer to peer shipping makes buying items here easier and much cheaper. You can purchase your items online and have a traveler bring them to your destination safely and cheaply.