One of the main advantages you have as a realtor is that you can use real estate postcards to farm real estate and generate leads for your business. This traditional yet novel approach allows you to establish geographic boundaries, direct your mailings to a specific audience, and gives you the ability to create a name for yourself in the field.

Plus, you can use realtor postcards one of several ways to attract attention and keep homeowners updated about area properties. Whether you’re new to real estate or consider yourself a veteran, postcards provide a low-cost and effective way to increase your inventory and add to your base of loyal customers.

Get Your Foot in the Door by Using Realtor Postcard Marketing

So, how can you use realtor postcard marketing to give you an edge in the real estate industry? The following suggestions will help you create templates and mailings that will produce ongoing responses and results. Learn more about this opportunity so you can become the go-to realtor in your community.

1. Real Estate Farming

Real estate farming is a marketing technique that is solely designed to generate leads. This type of marketing campaign creates a mailing that allows readers to see how you can provide a solution for selling real estate. Target the area you want to cover and make sure it’s open for marketing. In a short time, you’ll be receiving emails and calls.

2. Announcements of Just Listed Properties

When you use this form of realtor postcard marketing, you’re sending details about homes that have just been listed. Even if you’re not sending the postcards to currently interested buyers, it will help people remember your name and contact details.

3. Postcards that Feature Expired Home Listings

You can use these postcards to target home sellers who have hard-to-sell properties. Use these postcards to let people know you’re a specialist in homes that are hard to sell. Let them know you’re the person to contact if they’ve had their home on the market and have not had offers or much interest from buyers.

4. Postcards that Announce Open House Events

Postcards make great invitations to Open House events. Not only do they attract prospective buyers, they allow you to introduce yourself and provide contact information as well. 

5. Postcards that Highlight Free Offers

You can also use postcards to provide a free offer such as a sales analysis of a property. Prospects often will call you about this risk-free service. Use these postcards to develop your target market. 

6. Postcards that Detail Local Real Estate Information

You don’t have to focus your realtor marketing campaign solely on getting leads. They will still come your way if you send out informational postcards. Providing this information will keep your name and contact details in front of local homeowners so they’ll remember your services.

Are You Ready to Start Marketing?

Are you ready to dive in and start using real estate postcards for building your real estate business? If so, get into the swim now. Design a postcard that you can send out today.