Future Marketing

It comes to us as no surprise that the world of marketing has immensely changed. It has shifted from the offline world to the online world. With the advent of smartphones, the Internet has now become accessible to almost everyone around the world. It has changed the way how people communicated and connected.

Today, almost half the world is running their businesses through running brand campaigns on the Internet.

Digital marketing contributes almost 40% in compound annual global business growth for corporations.

Hence, we are compelled to wonder is digital marketing really becoming the future of marketing? Will we see these numbers exponentially grow from 40% to a complete 100%?

Facebook has become a real addiction for people and its usage has gone out of control. These days, it’s rather hard to find people who are not on Facebook than people who actually are on Facebook. Then we have several other platforms such as Twitter, LinkedIn, Medium, Tumblr, Reddit, Pinterest, and the list goes on. Corporations have realized this great fact that marketing products to this massive audience on social media platform is the real deal.

Therefore, brand managers are using newer and better strategies to not only grasp the audience attention but to also make them feel as if their brand is an actual live product. They are now focused on giving a more personalized experience to the users. That’s why companies are eager to learn about digital marketing analytics to keep their business updated on the new digital marketing trends to learn how to continuously improve user experience. But that’s just the tip of the iceberg what digital marketing is all about

Here are some ways which we have researched and found out how digital marketing is going to impact the future of marketing. We enjoyed our research, we hope you enjoy reading our piece.

Introducing Innovative Marketing Strategies

Long gone are the days when businesses use to rely on billboards and print media to create enough buyers for their respective products. It hasn’t been long since companies stopped showing their products, telling their customers how it solves problems and constantly promoting it better than the rest of the competition. Why did it happen? Because people now trust more on other people experiences with the product. In short, people prefer to read and watch reviews from other people who have tried and tested a specific product.

We see every day how some companies are making so much effort to make their products look good or using a unique strategy to make it count. However, it is not becoming that effective because people are purchasing what they want to purchase. A research shows that more than 70% of people consult social media before they make a buying decision. It’s because they are interested to learn what others think of the product.

While there are countless ways how a brand can empower people, but two ways I think are quite commendable in winning the audience consent is:

Strategy # 1: Start with the Powerful Element of Story-telling

Start with the Powerful Element of Story-tellingWhen you get the chance to exactly feel how someone else did when achieving success in their lives, how does it make you feel? I am sure that it makes you feel very positive and confident.

Here’s what happens in real!

That story element wins your consent as a customer for what the story-teller is about to sell you. There is no denying the fact that real-life scenarios can be shocking as well as emotional; however, how one chooses to share their story with the audience really get the bells ringing for their brand. One of the best example which I can quote here is Nike. Nike is a brand which allows strangers to tell about their shoes and make videos of their testimonials. This strategy has really worked for Nike on countless occasions.

Strategy # 2: Establish a Channel to Put Customer Reviews

Establish a Channel to Put Customer ReviewsTake it or not, but every time you visit Amazon to make a purchase, you will consider the advice of a stranger publishing a review on the product rather than making a decision simply based on their advertisements.

Bright Local survey shows that:

“85% of consumers trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations.”

I have realized the truth behind this statement. And you will certainly not like it. The truth is that there are countless competitors selling a similar product. Some are of low quality with great advertising and some with high quality with not so great advertising. If you ever get the chance to hear the experiences from customers, you will understand why they don’t trust advertising any longer.

Hence, future marketers have come up with a better idea. We have learned that future marketers are more inclined at establishing different social channels where consumers can post their reviews about the products. These channels have allowed multiple customers to make their buying decisions and hence, it will continue to help more to cultivate authentic feedback.

Strategy # 3: Measure ROIs Using Link Feedbacks and Promo-codes

Measure ROIs Using Link Feedbacks and Promo-codesA recent research done by Cisco indicates that by the year 2021, 80% of the content is going to turn into videos. Here is a gateway of opportunities for YouTube influencers as well as business owners as well. All they have to do is now find a charismatic and authentic influencer which can empower the audience. While it is a profitable opportunity for video bloggers, how will a brand be able to understand that investing in a particular influencer is going to turn profitable for them and their business or not?

Kamil Web Solutions as being the leading provider of SEO packages in Dubai believes that one way of nailing this trick profoundly is by handing each influencer the trackable link or the coupon code to include in one of their videos. This trick will perfectly suffice our need to understand which influencer is worthwhile for our business. Hence, it will help us decide where we should put in our investments and what results will it generate in the long run.

Strategy # 4: Keep Everything Totally Authentic

Keep Everything Totally AuthenticLast but not least, I would like to bring this to your attention. Whatever you do or whatever you say, just make sure that your content is truly authentic. Originality sells, fakeness doesn’t. When you can differentiate between someone who’s half-heartedly speaking about their product from someone who is wholeheartedly doing the same, you will always account for the one who is authentic.

So make sure, whatever you do and whenever you do it, keep everything totally authentic.

With that, I am signing off for the day! I hope it was a good read. Until next time 🙂