There are many things you can do to help your anxious mind rest better. One such thing is using a weighted blanket for anxiety, since these types of blankets have a calming effect. Indeed, 63% of individuals who have used one reported feeling less anxious. Something else that can help in this regard is bringing the right plants into your bedroom.

Lavender, for instance, has been shown time and time again to not only help people sleep better, but also reduce their stress. Now, stress is a big issue, especially when it comes to anxiety, since it keeps the mind active, not allowing it to wind down and actually fall asleep. Lavender can help with that.

Another plant that can help in this regard is Valerian. Now, supplements made with this plant have been used for a very long time to bring stress levels down, and to help people sleep better. However, it appears that simply smelling this plant can help people sleep for longer periods of times.

Finally, Jasmine is another type of plant that can help people fall asleep faster. Not only this, but it seems to contribute to less tossing and turning, which means that the sleep is a better one. Finally, people who have this plant in their bedrooms report waking up feeling less anxiety.