How Can Businesses Earn From a Tutor Booking App

The evolution of smartphones has given a massive boost to the mobile app industry.

Today, you just imagine it, and there’s an app for that. Mobile apps are a boon to every business that wants to scale and provide products & services effectively.

Mobile apps are also transforming the education industry. How?

Well, they have made it efficient for learners to study remotely with the assistance of a tutor booking app.

Many parents are in search of good tutors for their kids. However, getting an ideal tutor who fulfills all their requirements can be challenging.

That’s where tutor booking apps deliver these parents a vast range of skilled tutors.

According to Zion Market Research, the worldwide private tutoring market was valued at $96,218 million in 2017 and is predicted to grow to $177,621 million by 2026.

Meanwhile, business leaders of such an app will earn huge profits as tutor booking apps are among the significant education apps for the forthcoming generations.

This blog will discuss how businesses can earn from tutor booking app development and acquire a competitive edge in this domain.

Key Benefits of Hiring EdTech Development Company To Develop Your Tutor Booking App

1.  Appropriate For SMEs, Startups, and Big Projects

One of the significant benefits of hiring the best mobile app development company is that they deliver professional services, from discovery to creating an MVP to developing a prototype to maintenance.

A renowned app development agency will build a tutor app for startups, entrepreneurs, and Fortune 500 companies. They also help businesses figure out a monetization model before launching the app in the market.

2.  Availability of Technical Expertise

Another substantial benefit of your tutor app development project is the availability of technical expertise under one roof. These agencies are familiar with the latest trends and new programming languages and can provide updated services.

Technology Stack Needed For Tutor Booking Mobile App

  1. Push, Twilio
  2. SMS, Voice, and Phone Verification: Twilio, Nexmo,
  3. Database: MongoDB, Mail Chimp Integration, Hbase, Postgress, Cassandra
  4. Cloud Environment: Google, AWS, Azure
  5. Payments: PayPal, EWallets, Braintree, Stripe
  6. Realtime Analytics: Apache Flink, Hadoop, IBM, Spark, Cisco, BigData

3.  Facilitate Process

Hiring mobile app developers helps you to facilitate your project’s operation. You can directly communicate with project managers, who will deliver up-to-date reports of your project.

You can immediately ask for changes or add certain components to your tutor app. A streamlined approach will help to launch the app within your deadlines.

4.  Mobile App Developers Care About Their Products

Leading mobile app development agencies have a reputation and will do everything to safeguard it. Thus, they strive to deliver quality products that deliver excellent feedback once the education app is launched. It will also ensure that a premium quality product will be delivered to you as it will also be a component of their portfolio.

Moreover, these companies are aware of safety. They maintain extensive protection associated with the client’s application, data, and information.

5.  Round The Clock Support

Mobile app developer provides you to get access to a 24/7 support team. If we talk about freelancers, they sometimes do not complete the project for personal reasons or have too much workload.

However, by selecting an EdTech development company, you will get constant support where someone from the development team will be available to listen to your request.

How To Earn From Tutor Booking App Development

1.  Charging Upfront

A one-time class fee is normally the most straightforward way to execute and for students to comprehend. Giving an upfront fee is less daunting than spending on recurring fees, particularly for students who are new to your tutor app.

2.  In-App Advertisements

Promoting in-app ads is the easiest way to monetize your tutor booking mobile app. You can display ads for specific products to users who install your app and take courses.

3.  Subscriptions

The subscription-based plan is also a popular monetization model used across diverse mobile apps where learners can access particular premium courses by spending a specific amount.

4.  Commissions

It is one of the fastest and most suitable methods to earn money through your app. Once the tutor finder app development company has created the app, businesses can contact the tutors as well as various educational organizations and provide them with the app service. It would give them a publicity option while the business leaders earn a good commission.

5.  Membership Plans

When students trust that they will get value from your online tutoring app, they will be inclined to spend a recurring membership fee for ongoing classes. Therefore, you should build an online education app that will assist users in returning to your online tutor booking app.

6.  Offer Free Classes And Charge For Certifications

Give your students the advantage of free learning and then charge for certification, which most of them would be obliged to pay for. This assists in building trust and getting information to make an email list of interested students. It is also an efficient monetization technique where you primarily provide the classes to learners for the free and only charge for certification.

7.  Through eCommerce

You must be wondering where eCommerce comes into the picture, right? How could it even be a monetization model for a tutor booking app?

Well, why not?

Nowadays, the eCommerce industry is booming, and people like to shop online via mobile apps from the comfort of their homes. Business leaders can incorporate eCommerce features into their tutor app and sell academic materials, books, stationery, or other educational stuff.

8.  Personalized Learning Experience

Being an app owner, you can present a personalized learning experience to students by analyzing their study patterns. You can also go through a tutor booking app development guide for more knowledge. These customized learning tools allow tutors to put learners first, providing a focused, goal-driven curriculum.

9.  Different Pricing Model

Tutor app owners can charge specific groups of learners and individual learners at different rates for diverse courses. It can also differ for professionals.

Cost To Build a Tutor Booking App

The cost of creating a tutor booking app may depend on numerous aspects, which are mentioned below:

  • Platforms and Devices
  • Features and Functionalities
  • UI/UX Design
  • Backend Integration and Testing
  • App Maintenance
  • Hourly Rates of App Development Company

Based on these factors and market competitor analysis, the tutor booking app development cost may range from $25,000 to $40,000.

Wrapping Up

The education industry is skyrocketing, yet, it requires a lot of advancements. Considering the needs of students and tutors, a tutor booking app development company can develop an innovative tutor booking app for their learners. It has ample prospects for business leaders, startups, and companies who wish to leverage this education business idea.

You can document your requirements and discuss them with a mobile app development firm to assist you in creating an MVP and implementing a monetization strategy. To stay ahead of your counterparts, you may consider the latest trends in the tutor app development market.

However, before seeking the assistance of mobile app developers, you must check their experience, ratings, portfolios, etc.

Author Bio

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