Is Long Form Content the future of SEO and the Internet

Recently a shift in how search works is taking place. Where earlier the eyes were scanning the quality of SEO, they now are looking for content quality. Everyone is chanting about Content being the King. Furthermore, many digital marketing companies often prefer long form content.  Blurn, the best SEO agency in Australia, says that long form content works, but there are certain limitations to it. It does not work on its own. There are many things like web design, SEO, marketing campaigns, etc. that come together to give business the required boost. Buy now if you haven’t really thought about these.

What is Long Form Content?

Long Form Content simply refers to blogs and articles that are longer in size. They usually hover around 3000 to 4000 words and even go higher in some cases. Here are some of the features of long form content –

  • Word count ranging from 2500 and above it.
  • The article discusses the topic in depth.
  • Answers many questions that are related somehow and need no separate article.
  • Keep on getting updated as things change with time.
  • Have many subheadings.
  • Sometimes it often works like a digital eBook.

All these things together decide if a content is long form or not. Now, is it always true that long form content gets ranked higher on the SERP? Or are there other factors that get involved too? 

Impact of Long Form Content on SEO!

Although people are preferring Long Form Content now, does it even work? The studies have shown that long form articles often get more clicks on SEO and thus rank higher on the SERP. But this is not always the case. Says Blurn, a best SEO agency always knows the ideal length of content for a given industry. Furthermore, the length of the content is not always proportional to its success. The graph rises at first, turns stagnant, and then starts falling later on. According to the studies done till now, a length of 1700-3000 is considered ideal for topics that require long form discussion.

But how does long form content impact the SEO and the overall ranking of a website?

  • Long Form Content leads to a higher Screen Time and thus helps the overall analytics.
  • It creates a sense of authority and people believe in it over other content forms. This creates a good EAT (Expertise, Authoritativeness, Trustworthiness) score for a website
  • It leads to a lower Bounce Rate and thus helps a website rank better.
  • People are more likely to return to the website due to its authoritative nature.

However, not every topic is ideal for long form content. There are websites that have been writing articles at greater lengths for things that can be spoken in a word or two. Why? Just to push content on the internet. It used to work earlier but not now. Google rarely cares about how long your article is. All it focuses on is if your content is providing value to the users or not. It watches over User Signals and thus ranks the content accordingly. It is all psychological. Many different things converge together to create a greater impact. Content length is just one of these many things.

Things to take care of while writing Long Form Content!

You cannot turn every topic into a long article. It will not only consume your precious time but will quickly backfire. This will lead to a fall in the website’s rank. Ask any expert SEO agency and you’ll hear that long form articles must be dealt with caution.

The engines of the modern world are running at some pace right now. People do not always have time to read long form articles. Digital Marketing experts know this very well. For example, if you just want to tell people why are flamingoes pink or what is an Alt text, you would not want to expand your content to over 2000 words. People will just exit your website.

Long Form Content is often preferred in areas where expert knowledge needs to be shared. Entertainment and news websites do not usually thrive on long form content. This being said, you must know when to go long and when to not.

The present digital world is going through a huge shift. What is new today is gone tomorrow. This is why experts come helpful. Just as how TV commercials and salesmen were important in the 20th century, digital market experts are crucial in this modern world. You must know what to buy now for your business and what to not. Hire an expert if you have the budget. It is like an investment that gives an immense ROI. Contact Blurn, the best SEO agency, and consult them for free regarding your business needs.