Home Cleaning Checklist for Winter

Cleanup Clutter Prior to Your Holiday Gatherings: Because everyone is gathering and you don’t want to decorate a cluttered home, it’s best that you start with the easiest thing to do, which is to pick up your clutter and organize them in their proper boxes. You might need to delegate your chores if you have a newborn baby to take care of.

This is the simplest and easiest thing you can do when it comes to your winter wrap-up. Clean out your junk drawer and store everything that’s not needed in the attic in place of the decorations you’re taking out. Put on some music while cleaning to assist in alleviating the tediousness of the chore, at that.

1) Shovel Away the Snow and Winter Gardening: 

Have inches upon inches of snow? Then get that shovel ready. Because it’s unlikely that your relatives, family, and friends will be gathering around your house to help you shovel.

Keep tabs on the amount of snow you’ll be getting (if you are getting any) through the news. Also make sure your compost is stored safely inn your garage or covered with tarp to keep your winter garden with enough unfrozen compost to spare.

2) Snow Plowing Properly and Tuning Up Snowmobiles: 

Speaking of shoveling and plowing snow, you should also make sure to pile the snow close to the wall and invest in snow tires for good measure. The best time to plow is always directly after the snow has stopped falling.

Don’t make their maintenance a last-minute thing. If they have frost and dirt buildup, you can take them to a DIY car wash to clean them up like you would your family vehicle. Clean off any rust with steal wool as well.

3) Clean and Sort Out Your Pantry: 

The food in your pantry should be sorted out during winter. It’s the end of the year. Discard anything that’s already expired, for example. Throw away anything that’s about to or has already gone bad.

This is because you’ll be at the grocery refilling everything up for Christmas and the New Year anyway.  This is also a simple job requiring a trash bag or trash can. Just make sure to separate the biodegradable, non-biodegradable, and recyclable garbage properly.

4) Clean Your Chimney: 

A fireplace certainly beats depending on your radiator heater for warmth while keeping things festive. Before putting up logs for your fireplace, you should hire a professional chimney sweep company to clean the chimney up.

The job of cleaning up your dusty and carbon-filled chimney is too difficult and dangerous for an ordinary untrained homeowner to do. Don’t depend on cleaning logs to replace your chimney sweep. They’re not even comparable.

5) Check Out Your Furnaces: 

You should inspect your furnaces as well. You can depend on professionals who’ll tell you specific steps in maintenance or cleaning you can take to ensure your furnace isn’t a fire hazard.

You can also do it yourself. Just clean or change the filters throughout the season so that you’re not inefficiently burning and wasting fuel. Vacuum your registers and vents to boot with a special vacuum attachment designed for such a job.

6) Buy a Vacuum If You Don’t Already Have a Vacuum: 

Select the right vacuum for hardwood floors for the sake of easier winter cleanup of your home, especially when using your ashy fireplace and furnace that could leave residue all over your home.

Because it’s winter, you’ll stay home more often than not. This naturally causes more dust to form around your house, particularly your floor. Winter cleaning is therefore called for with some of the best vacuums around.


Do more than just decking the halls with boughs of holly. It’s time to clean your fa-la-la-la-floor among many other things. This will reduce your winter doldrums and make things more festive when push comes to shove.

Also make use of the free space for your boxes in the attic filled with decors, Christmas lights, and plastic Christmas trees by putting away the spring and summer clutter in your home there.