Fundraising is an excellent way which enables schools to raise lots of extra money. This money is further utilized to provide scholarships, opt for new programs, complete various major projects and maintain academic excellence. Schools can also start more extracurricular activities and other programs by encouraging fundraising activities.

It is also beneficial for gaining valuable leadership skills for the students, teachers, and parents. In this article, various ideas that are great for a high school fundraiser are mentioned.

Ideas for a high school fundraiser

    • Babysitting: High school students can babysit for one evening while parents go out. They can charge for the service of babysitting. This service is taken by the parents who want a break from their monotonous job.
    • Yard sale: Yard sale could be hosted in the school. You can ask students, parents, faculty, and staffs to donate the gently used items for the sale. Promotion is the key for a successful Yard sale so promote it properly for maximum sale. Due to promotion, people will not only come to donate their valuables but they will also visit the sale for buying other useful things from the sale.
    • Organize movie night: This idea is appropriate for elementary, middle, college as well as high school students. You need to organize a viewing of an age-appropriate movie in the hall with the local cinema and offer a special rate for the families who attend a new release.
    • Recycling: One famous way of fundraising is that you can ask the students to bring school old cartridges, mobile phones or clothes. You can have a partnership with a company that is going to buy these off from you and you can easily raise fund from it.
    • Power of penny driver: This is a very simple yet very effective idea for fundraising. It uses the competitive spirit of high schoolers. You need to place one jar per class and then the students can add their spare change to the jars until they are full. You can reward the first class that manages to fill the jar completely.
    • Books sale: You can ask the students and staffs to bring the gently used books to schools. Then organize a big book sale day but make sure that you promote for it a few weeks in advance.
    • Wash car: Another way of fundraising is setting up a car washing station in the schoolyard. You can ask the students and staffs to volunteer to wash the cars of the parents and visitors in exchange for a small amount.
    • Battle of bands: Many high school students have music as a hobby. So, you can organize a battle of bands at your school. You can raise fund by charging both the bands who want to participate as well the audience who come to see the show. This will allow you to get the funds from two places at the same time.
    • Cooking: This is a form of fundraising where you have to think of a theme of a cooking competition. The participants have to pay a fee for entering their best dishes that means they have to pay for participating in the competition. In order to increase the donations, you can even judge the entries and reward them.
    • Scrabble tournament: Individuals pay to participate in the tournament. There can be a sneak a peek for an additional donation. You can even make additional fundraising money by selling refreshments or organizing auctions and raffles.
    • Organize dine out programs: Usually, students appreciate cooked food. You can have a deal with restaurants for donating dinner for 2. Provide Raffle ticket of eating out. The price of the ticket will be based on the ultimate fundraising goals.
    • Make care packages: At the start of every semester or major exams, these packages are popular. It includes candy, chips, cookies, fruit, magazine and many more things that are suitable both for boys and girls. You can include parents in this as they can order the things that they want to send to their kids and you can raise funds out of that.


    Fundraising is a difficult job for schools. Usually, schools raise funds for covering up necessities. Organizing a bake sale for purchasing additional photography equipment is a far cry from meeting the necessities. Parents have started the criticizing this as there are endless fundraisers at the same time. You can use any of the above-mentioned ideas for raising fund and but you need to maintain the balance and then prioritize. Planning and implementing various fundraising ideas will enable the schools to fulfill lots of specific goals.

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