Here is the List of Benefits you Reap while Opting for a Free Demat Account

Nobody knows the importance and significance of a free Demat Account more than the active traders and shareholders in the market. However, if you are new to this industry and a budding investor who is learning the nitty-gritty of investments, you must know about the benefits that you can reap using these accounts. The purpose of Demat Accounts is to help shareholders and traders store their share certificates electronically. You can abstain from the hassle and security issues that physical share certificates bring along with them. Although traders do not have a choice anymore as per the SEBI guidelines, opening the free Demat Account can be highly beneficial.

For reaping the maximum benefits, you have to choose the best service provider. While the basic features of Demat Accounts are the same, you can avail additional benefits if you choose the most reliable and beneficial stockbroker. To open a free Demat Account today, click here. Analyse your options thoroughly before ending up with a choice as your decision will directly impact your trading experience. So, become a part of the trading world by opting for the best Demat Account at your service!

Get digital access to all your share certificates with the help of Demat Accounts.

Benefits of Opening a Free Demat Account

The list of perks and privileges that you will get after opening a Demat Account is long! You will get to reap the benefits while trading in the Indian stock market along with the trading account.

Cost-Effective Account Management

Free Demat Accounts do not require much investment as you do not have to spend re-opening charges. All you have to pay for is your accounting actions like dematerialisation, rematerialisation, redemption, etc., and AMC (Annual Maintenance Cost). The AMC is a compulsory cost that you have to pay. It varies between INR 400-700 depending upon the service provider you choose.

Lower The Risk of Mismanagement

If you ask the traders who used to participate in the stock exchanges in the early 90s, you will realise how difficult it was to manage the documents and share certificates at that time. Thanks to the NSDL (National Securities Depository Limited) and the internet for enabling digital storage and management of all the certificates. With minimal training and a basic idea of using smartphones, you can operate your free Demat Account easily!

Easy and Convenient Shareholding

There is no need for collecting the share certificates from the stock exchange offices, paying for the postal charges, securing the papers in files and ensuring their safety by managing them physically with the help of your free Demat Account. You can buy shares, convert them electronically and store them safely using your smartphone or computer. Avoid the hassle of physical management in a few simple steps!

Get Comfortable Access to All Certificates

The traditional method stressed traders out because finding one share certificate out of the pile can be a hectic task to do! You do not have to bear the burden of such hassle or chaos with online access to Demat Accounts. You can easily check, manage and transfer our certificates from one account to another. You can access your account using the unique ID and password that your service provider will provide you.

Cost Reduction In Trading

In the absence of Demat Accounts and trading accounts, investors had to depend upon freelance brokers who used to charge a high amount for their services. They were the only individuals who had access to availing the certificates. With the help of your free Demat Account, you can access your share certificates easily. So, you can reduce the additional costs related to the trading process by managing everything online.

Time-Saving Experience

Demat Accounts save a lot of time as you do not need to dedicate any time slot from our schedule to look after your certificates and documents. All you have to do is use the online websites and mobile applications that your stockbroker will provide. Maintain a balanced schedule as you can easily access your account while travelling, browsing, etc.

Dematerialise All Forms of Stocks

The Demat Accounts are multifunctional. Yes, you can not only store your share certificates in it but also your mutual fund holdings, ETFs (Exchange Traded Funds), etc. Almost every type of share certificate can be stored and dematerialised using the Demat Accounts. You can also reconvert them into their physical form and get them to you at a minimal cost. All you have to be careful with is your choice of the service provider.

Demat Accounts are of great use and significance for traders who actively participate in the stock exchanges. You should be very careful while choosing your trading partner as there are many options in the market. Make the most of your effort, money and time by investing in the stock market and storing the certificates in your free Demat Account!