Healthy Lifestyle with Exercise

A healthy lifestyle will save you from different types of chronic diseases and long-term illnesses. In addition, when you are living a healthy life, you will feel good about yourself, plus it is essential for your self-esteem and self-image. But, to lead a healthy life, there is no alternative to healthy food and physical exercise. So, we will discuss the importance of exercise and food items for a healthy lifestyle. 

Importance of Exercise

Regular exercise will not only ensure good health but also increase the confidence level. Besides, it will improve respiratorily; cardiovascular health plus helps to reduce excessive fats from the body. Moreover, according to some research, staying active will reduce the risk for type2 diabetes, heart diseases, and cancers. So, you may realize how important physical exercise is! 

What kind of Physical exercise should you do? 

If you want to have great results, you will need a comprehensive physical activity routine, and this routine includes: 

Aerobic Exercise:

 This type of exercise increases heart rate, develops your body muscle and raises your breathing rate. You can conduct this type of physical exercise for a total of 20-30 minutes a day, between 3 to 5 days. But, if you are a beginner, you can start with 10 to 15 minutes and try to push yourself for more time each week. Furthermore, you can spread out your activity for the day like you can take a 10-minute walk after each meal. But, remember, never exercise too hard with a full stomach or empty stomach. Let’s see some examples of aerobic exercise: 

  1. You can take an energetic walk outside or inside on a treadmill. 
  2. Join an aerobics class that will motivate you to exercise regularly and properly. 
  3. You can swim or conduct water aerobic exercises. 
  4. Go out on your bicycle or use a bicycle machine at home. 

Strength Training

Strength training exercises will make your muscles stronger, harder, and of course, injury resistant. Again, If you are feeling low energy due to constant training routines, this type of exercise will help you regain your strength. So, when you go to the gym, you can do squats and deadlift with weights, but be careful to always wear weight lifting belts for safety, plus never take on too much weight at a time. On the other hand, you can also conduct strength exercises at home like Push-ups, Chair squats, and seated dorsiflexion. 

Balance and Flexibility training

When you try balancing and flexibility exercises, your body will improve very fast. Usually, Flexibility exercise is also known as stretching. This activity for five to ten minutes will help warm up your body and make it ready for walking, swimming, or cycling.  On the other hand, balance training is essential if you have an illness like joint pain, weakness, or dizziness. Moreover, this training will help you to recover and get you back to everyday life. You can do leg raises, hip extension, hip flexion, etc., at home without any instruments. 

Yoga Exercises:

 Nowadays, Yoga is a very popular form of exercise. By practicing this exercise will help you to control your mind, body, and soul. According to some research, Yoga connects physical and mental disciplines to get a peaceful body and mind. In addition, this type of exercise will help to manage stress and anxiety plus keep you relaxed. Furthermore, you can increase your flexibility, muscle strength, and immunity by practicing Yoga regularly. Therefore, you can conduct Sukhasana( Easy Pose). Naukasana( Boat Pose), Shanurasana ( Bow Pose), Padmasana, etc., at home, and you will find various types of videos that will show you how to practice these forms. So, start Yoga today! 

Importance of Eating Healthy: 

To maintain a healthy lifestyle, along with exercise, you have to focus on eating healthy foods. Because if you don’t eat healthy foods, your body won’t get enough energy to work correctly, and you will feel weak all the time. Hence, you must eat healthy food items, like drinking smoothies, eating vegetables, and having enough fruits.

Fruits, vegetables, and other food items: 

Fruits and green vegetables are crucial for your body’s development as they contain many vitamins and minerals. You can eat fresh fruits like mangos, apples, bananas, dragon fruits, avocados, blueberries, etc. You can eat them fresh or frozen every day. Again, for green vegetables, you can consume carrots, broccoli, and sweet potatoes. Now, you may be thinking that it will take a long time to prepare and eat different fruit items, but trust me, you will need only five to ten minutes. First, you have to put all the fruit items, whether fresh or frozen, in the blender jar and add water or coconut milk. Then, blend until you get a proper mixture, plus this drink is very beneficial to your health.

Along with them, you can drink green tea, and a cup of coffee as both drinks will improve your metabolism rate and help you lead a healthy life. If you have a coffee machine, then start using it and if you don’t then get one for a refreshing cup of coffee every time. In addition, always try to avoid sugars as they are very dangerous for your body. 


Now,  you may have realized the importance of exercise and healthy foods. In this world, you should lead a healthy life; otherwise, your body will be affected by different types of dangerous diseases. So, eat healthily and exercise regularly.  Thank you for reading.