Hatchback, Sedan, And SUV

There are more than 400 models and many different kinds of cars on the market today, which is a shopper’s dream. However, things can be challenging to figure out. Before you go any further, remember that “cars” means “passenger vehicles of all kinds.” To make things easier to understand, we’ve put these cars into nine broad categories, from coupes to full-size sedans to crossover SUVs.

The best way to describe a car is by how it looks. What is the first thing you notice when a car comes behind you on the road? The way it looks. “Body style” is the term for this. Does it stand up and have a square shape? Slim and squat? What’s the total number of doors? The body shape of a vehicle is the best way to put it into a group.

The Hatchback

A hatchback is a type of car with a rear door that opens right into the trunk. This opening is sometimes called a “hatch.” Automakers came up with the word “hatchback” to describe this type of body shape, even though it’s not the same as a coupe. The back window of a Hatchback is built into the hatch. Usually, this door’s hinge is at the top of the rear body panel. This means you can get to the cargo area by opening the door, which makes the door swing up.

Hatchbacks are popular with people who often carry large items because they are easy to load. It’s also helpful if they have to open and close the car door a lot to put or get things. Some hatchbacks also have rear seats that can be folded down, giving you more space to store items. 

Most of the time, these cars come with either three or five doors. If a hatchback has three doors, two can be used to get in, and the third can be used to store things. The five-door model also has a four-plus-one layout. So there are five entrances: four for people and one for putting and getting luggage.

The Sedan

The sedan is a general term for a car with long wheelbases and roomy interiors. In British English, this kind of car is called a “saloon.” However, the word “sedan” may have come from Italy. “Sedia” is the Italian word for “to sit.” The main thing that sets this car apart is its three boxes or compartments. A three-part vehicle’s engine, passenger, and cargo area are all easy to tell apart from each other.

Most people sit in the middle of the car, while the driver’s seat and trunk are at the front and back, respectively. Even though the engine and trunk might be in different places. There is ample, comfortable space between the engine and the cabin. Most saloons have longer wheelbases than most other types of cars. 

Still, this makes the length of the vehicles longer. This makes it hard for them to move around in crowded places like big cities. So, companies are making cars for the market for sub-4-meter (small) sedans, which is growing all the time.


SUV stands for a sport utility vehicle. It’s also called a “Suburban Utility Vehicle.” The idea that led to the design of this vehicle was carefully thought out. That was an attempt to make something that could carry as much as a pickup truck, drive like a car, and have as much space as a minivan.

In other words, the SUV is the best of all of these types. A sport utility vehicle, or SUV, comes with all-wheel drive, sometimes called a 4X4. A common misconception is that 4x2s can be called SUVs because of how they look on the outside.

SUVs are grouped based on their length, width, and height. SUVs come in three sizes: small SUVs, SUVs in the middle, and full-size SUVs. People who like to do off-road sports like to drive these kinds of cars. But because they are built higher up, they roll over more than regular vehicles like sedans and hatchbacks. These are especially popular in places with bad road conditions or dirt roads. So if you are into off-roading adventures, then look for such cars for sale Tasmania.


The division of cars allows people to know what they need. Knowing the difference in each segment will enable you to choose the kind of vehicle you should invest in. There are many segments of the car industry, but those mentioned above are the most popular among the general public. Learn about cars before investing to make an informed choice and have something you need.