Common Law Firm Digital Marketing Mistakes To Avoid

There is no one-size-fits-all approach for marketing that works for every industry. Although marketing principles are broadly the same, there are differences to take into account. When implementing a law firm digital marketing strategy, it is important to make those distinctions. 

There are a lot of mistakes made by law firms that decide to do their own digital marketing since they feel like it is all the same. This isn’t the only mistake many of them are making. It’s also important to know what the common mistakes are so you can avoid them. In this article, we will go over several of the mistakes you need to watch out for. 

#1 – Not using local SEO

SEO is as much an art as it is a science. It is the act of getting a website in the top spots of the search results on search engines such as Google. It is really important to use this as a pillar in your digital marketing strategy. However, since a law firm is going to work locally, it is important to use local SEO and not just the broad version. 

Local SEO uses some different techniques that will help people find you when they search for law related questions with the qualifier “near me”. For instance, somebody that got a DUI might look for “how to beat a DUI in Boston” and your website should come up since you are based in Boston, or substitute whichever city or state where you are located. 

The basics are that you need to write blog posts with a local flavor and also submit your business information to Google My Business

#2 – Failing to define your target market

It is very likely that your law firm specializes in a few different areas and not just general law. Since it is more lucrative to be a lawyer that focuses on a few areas of expertise, you want to make sure that you become known for those. This means that you have to fine-tune your digital marketing strategy to only get the people looking for your specific services. 

It would make little sense to have people looking for a lawyer to create a will when you are a personal injury law firm. 

#3 – Failing to establish a strong online presence

Having a website and working on local SEO is important, but that is not the end of your digital marketing strategy. It is very important to be an authority in the eyes of Google as well as the public. This means that you have to have a very strong online presence. 

In addition to the website, you should also be on social media and posting often. Pick the platform where your target audience is spending time and focus your efforts there. Post according to the schedule that works best for that platform and create engaging content. 

You should also be using Youtube for videos about topics that your firm deals with as well as a podcast for the same.