How to Install Racing Harness without Bar

Adding a turbo look to your race car requires attaching more power and do some pure modifications to it. Like adding Roll cages to your car keeps your car protected from the crash while at speed, they also make your car stiffer and stronger with time. Another mod often comes on the list is the racing seats which need a harness to protect you from getting hurt while at speed. Therefore, it is quite necessary to have it on your racing cars. 

It may need some professional equipment like a bar to install a harness by yourself. But if you don’t have one, you may be wondering how to install racing harness without bar? There are several methods that you can apply to install a racing harness in your car that don’t necessarily require a cumbersome bar. Speed enthusiasts don’t really like to add bars with the harness as it hinders mobility. 

Being an important piece of equipment, you should not race without having your harness on, say it for professional or safety reasons. So, how to install racing harness without bar? Let’s find out. 

How to install racing harness without bar?

  • Attaching it to the Chassis

In racing cars, it is important to comprehend that the chassis is different from the roll cage. It’s usually smaller in the race cars as compared to chassis. Attaching the harness to your car’s chassis without having a bar is one of the easiest options of all. 

The safety cell and the chassis in your car are placed in the same position. Attaching your harness to this position will keep the harness sturdy as it is assumed to be the safest point in your car to attach the harness. 

To make sure that the harness is safe for driving, attach your harness to the roll cage. 

  • With Eye Bolts

If your car doesn’t have a roll cage, you can still install a racing harness without the bar in your car as well by using eye bolts. But first, you need to install eye bolts in your car to do so making sure that the eye bolts should be rear mounted. 

Rear mounting makes sure that the harness won’t come in front while you are driving 200 m/hr or even higher. it’s a horizontal spot at the console side of your car. It also needs to make sure that the bolts are placed tightly. 

As we are talking about the racing cars, on each side of the headrest, there are two holes where your bolts can get through easily. It is fairly easy to install bolts in your headset and attach a harness by crossing it from both ends. Just make sure that the bolts are nice and tight so you can rely on them while driving. 

  • 4-Point Harness

If you’re looking to install a harness to your car without a bar, this is even the easiest way to do that. A 4-point harness is considered the most protective way because it is attached to your seat from 4 different points. 

You will feel super comfortable if your harness is covering you from four different points even if you have to stop at a halt from your 200m/h speed chasing the driver ahead. 

To fit them nicely on your set, you can use the bolt method or the chassis one to make sure they are firmly fit. Adjust the straps according to the required length and your comfortability. Check it once if it fits on your body from each end. 

  •  5-Point Harness

If you have installed the 4-point harness on your seat and think that it worked for you, then be prepared for a complete leveled-up performance from a 5point harness. 

An additional strap that works like a belt will come in front which will keep your body in place while driving. You can attach this belt to the back of your car seat. The installation process will require you to use bolts so everything remains stiffly in place. However, if you already are aware of the racing car seat information, then installing the 5-point harness will be as easy as a pie for you. 

  • 8–Harness Points

The 8-point harness is somewhere like a 4-point harness but adds more safety to keep you in place while in speed. This 8-point harness is actually used by many racing professionals to add safety to their vehicles. The 8-point harness adds 2 belts to your seat, one goes from your chest and the other will protect you from your abs. These belts go through the back of your seat to keep your body in place while you are hit by another car or a speed breaker. 

If you do derby riding, an 8-point belt is an ideal option for you. For the other racers, it may hinder mobility but overall it provides extraordinary protection to your body. 


The spontaneity and the stealth of the racing career make it more enthusiastic for a rider to keep it going for the rest of his life. But to save your life it is even necessary to keep yourself safe by applying some safety measures to your vehicle. If you really want to do hassle-free driving, try modifying your racing car by adding additional equipment like some of them mentioned above.