Ways to Spy and Catch a Cheating Spouse

As far as cheating is concerned, the painful truth is you can’t always trust your guts. While it is good to listen to your intuition, research shows that those hunches are more reliable than you think.

Cheating is typical behavior, especially for those who do it often. They are likely to have developed or perfected techniques that allow them to keep their secrets. Gas lighting is a psychologist’s favorite term. It refers to the act of turning the tables on your suspicions. This makes you doubt your instincts and observations. This is usually when paranoia begins.

The betrayal or deceit of a spouse, partner or significant other is the worst thing to experience. Experts agree that hiring a private investigator is the best way to find out if your spouse is cheating on you. You can also do some surveillance on your spouse before hiring private investigator services. Continue reading if you suspect your spouse may be cheating.

These are some tips to help you confirm or dispel suspicions of cheating.

Do Not Break the Law

Do not forget that individual privacy is protected in most states, even from family members. Before you take any actions that could violate the privacy of your spouse, get legal advice. Your spouse may sue you if you violate the law and you end your marriage.

Some of the tips you will find online are illegal or in the grey area. This includes bugging their car, installing keyloggers on their computer, hacking their email accounts, phone, and social media accounts, as well as spying on them. You’ll have the evidence, but it will expose you to legal action.

Spy On Their Phone and Tablet Without Them Even Knowing

Cheaters know how to hide and rename apps, delete text messages, and hide them. Cheaters also love to change the contact names of their accomplices to something like “Steve from Accounting.”

You can also catch your partner cheating using a cell phone spy application. You can view your partner’s call logs and photos, as well as their browser history and GPS location.

Check Their Browser History

You can access your spouse’s browsing history if you have legal access. It will tell you which sites they visit. It’s a sign of concern to see them on social media and dating sites they have been hiding. You can always check your browser history later if they have deleted it after each use. It’s possible that they are hiding something if they regularly clear their browser history.

Be Sure to Search for Hidden Audio or Photo Files

Hidden messages may hide not only audio and photo files but also hidden messages. Your partner may secretly embed images in other audio or picture files if proficient with the latest apps and gadgets.

What may seem like a cute animal picture could be a hot nude. QuickStego and DeepSound make it easy to create them. To unlock the file, you will need to know a keystroke or code.

Use A GPS Device

This is only allowed if you and your spouse are legally married and the vehicles are jointly registered. You’ll get in trouble legally if you do this. The device can be used to track your spouse’s movements, especially to the places they frequent before returning home. These addresses should be noted. Call your investigator if you have hired a PI company and give them the addresses.

Make Sure to Check Their Trash Folder

Respecting the privacy of another person is essential. However, if you suspect that your boyfriend or girlfriend is cheating, or your wife or husband is having an affair, you can go into your partner’s email trash folder and search for evidence-storing apps such as photos, notes, emails, etc. They may not have deleted any communications if they are actively communicating with another person.

You might also check the recycle bin on their computer for incriminating images. You can then dispose of this human garbage.

You Can Go Where They Aren’t Expecting You

It’s easy to spot someone cheating on you, be it sex or just texting or phone calls. Surprise your partner at work –or at the bar where they have guys’ night, the gym, or anywhere else he spends his time. Prepare an excuse for why you stopped by. If necessary, repeat the gesture several times to see if he is there.

Use Hidden Cameras and Voice Recorders

You can place a spycam in the area where your partner goes when they need alone time. You can also monitor his video game or favourite show. You’ll soon find out if they are on the phone, talking with someone online, or engaging in any other amusing activity behind your back.

Once A Cheater, Always A Cheater

This is the part everyone should have skipped. Your instincts may lead you to believe your partner is cheating. These methods can help you catch cheaters and give you the evidence to let them go. However, don’t let them convince your brain that they are crazy. These tips will help you to trust your instincts and be alert for red flags.